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Published on 4/27/2020 additional information available

Why All In One Profits Is The Place To Be

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Why All In One Profits Is The Place To Be

    To be profitable every business needs good tools for things like web page creation, domain hosting, and list building. Professional marketers know why the saying “the money is in the list” is not to be ignored. Only by having your own list of contacts who have given you their permission to send them information are you able to do follow ups. And when done right, the fortune is in the follow up.

     All In One Profits (AIOP) lets you build as many splash and capture pages and email lists that you want, and have as many contacts on each list without having to pay more as your lists grow larger. You can even host a domain at AIOP.  Basic membership is just $11.50 ($10 plus a $1.50 admin fee) per month. Pro membership is just $21.67 ($20 plus a $1.67 admin fee). Quite a small price to be able to have unlimited list building.

    And AIOP has their Even Up compensation plan. It’s call the Even Up plan because the commissions from the even numbered referrals are passed up to the sponsor of the person who refers them.

     How does that work? This way -- if you refer people into AIOP, you keep all the odd numbered referrals and pass up all the even numbered ones to your sponsor.  The referrals you keep, including all who are passed up to you, will pass up all their even numbered referrals to you.

      What kind of commissions can that help you earn?  If you are a Basic member, you’ll earn $10 monthly from all your odd numbered paid referrals and all those referrals who hare passed up to you. If you are a Pro member, you’ll earn the same for Basic referrals, and $15 monthly for Pro referrals. (Plus an extra monthly $3 bonus if you were the one who directly signed up the Pro member.)

     There are other programs with online marketing tools with respectable compensation plans, but are they as good as what AIOP offers?

     TrafficWave gives unlimited autoresponder service for $17.95 a month. Once you personally refer at least one paid referral you will earn $6 a month for each of your first 3 paid referrals, whether they were referred by you or somebody in your upline. After those first 3 in your downline, you’ll only earn 75 cents a month for each the next 36 paid referrals in your downline (or $1 a month for each if you have directly referred 5 paid referrals). If there were 10 people in your downline, that would mean you would earn $23.25 a month. If there were 25 people in your downline, and you had personally referred 5 of them, you would earn $41 a month.

     Global Domains International gives you a domain name and hosting for $10 a month. Their compensation plans pays you $1 a month for each paid referral in 5 levels of referrals. If there are 10 people in those 5 levels, your monthly earnings would be $10. If there are a total of 25 people in those 5 levels, you would be earning $25 a month.

     With the same numbers of paid referrals in your downline in All In One Profits, you could be earning a lot more. With 10 paid referrals in AIOP (coming from you or people you refer) you would be earning at least $50 a month. With 25 paid referrals from you and/or you and your referrals, you would be earning about $120 or more.

     Think about it. In TrafficWave you earn $6 each for only the first 3 referrals, and then much less per paid referral after that. And in GDI you only earn $1 per referral for those in your 5 level downline. Both programs offer good value and their compensation plans are quite fair. But in my opinion, AIOP offers much greater value and has a compensation plan that far exceeds theirs.

     Just think, you earn at least $10 per month for your very first paid referral, and also $10 a month for all the other odd numbered (3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, etc.) paid referrals you ever get. And each of those referrals will pass up to you all their even numbered (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.) paid referrals. You will earn at least $10 a month from each, whether they sign up directly from you or are passed up to you. Isn't that better than just 75 cents or a dollar for each?

     No matter what company you promote, it will take time and effort to get 3 or 10 or 25 or more paid signups. The question is, how well will you be compensated for your time and effort? Would you rather have your monthly residual income normally grow by increments of just a dollar (or less) or by $10 (or $15) per paid referral?

     As for me, I have chosen to go with the affordable marketing tools and lucrative compensation plan of All In One Profits. I consider it to be a great business that can be easily operated from home at this time or any time. I Invite you come take a closer look at it and the team (Rock the Biz Ops) that provides done-for-you sales funnels to help me get more signups to AIOP.

      If you sign up to All In One Profits from a link on this page you will become either be one of my direct referrals, or you will be one of my sponsor's referrals, who happens to be the founder of the Rock The Biz Ops Team. In either case you’ll get access to all the training and promotional tools available from AIOP and our team.

     If what I’ve shared here sounds like it could be of benefit to you, come and check it out now by clicking the banner below.

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