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Published on 9/23/2019 additional information available

Want A Low Cost Way To Generate Substantial Residual Income?

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Want A Low Cost Way To Generate Substantial Residual Income?

     Would you be willing to spend about $10 to start generating a monthly residual income that could come in multiples of $10? By that I mean that with your first paid referral you would earn a recurring $10 each month. Then, when additional people became paid members of your downline, you’d earn an additional $10 monthly for each one. Does that sound good to you?

     But you may be wondering what you or those other people will get for their money, other than an opportunity to earn a recurring income. Would they get something of real value to them, worth at least $10?

    What that $10 covers is an unlimited splash and capture page builder, plus an autoresponder with unlimited campaigns and unlimited emails in each one. plus domain hosting, a link tracker, rotator, and a downline builder.

     Wouldn’t you agree that this is a truly great deal to get so many web marketing tools for just $10 (plus $1.50 for processing costs). Those tools are well worth the price even if there wasn’t an exceedingly generous compensation plan included at  no extra charge.

    However, if you are reading this article because you would very much like to buiild a growing residual income with this program, you may question whether or not you’ll be able to get signups into it even if it is such a bargain? What if you don’t have a good track record for getting paid signups even for programs that are a great value for a very low cost? 

    Well, whether or not you are skilled at getting paid signups, I recommend you join me in a team that has very powerful promotional pages and follow up email campaigns that could benefit any online marketer. You can get those set-up-for you web pages and email campaigns at no charge simply by joining and becoming a paid member of that marketing tool business through one of the members of this team. Below is a screen shot of one of the pages that members of this team can use. If you click on the image, you’ll get to see and hear it in action.

    The company that this team helps us get sign ups to is All In One Profits (AIOP). It’s been around for a long time and its owners are dedicated to help average guys and gals like you and me to have the web tools and compensation plan we need to become successful online.

     The way that the AIOP compensation plan works is that all our odd numbered referrals (1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.) go into our own downline and we earn commissions from them. Our even numbered referrals (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.) go to our sponsor. (Which means all the even numbered referrals of  the people you refer will go to you. And all those who are passed up to you will also pass up all their even numbered referrals to you.)

     The key to making substantial money with AIOP is for us and those we refer to have attention getting promotional pages and follow up emails like those that we can get from the team I am inviting you to join.

     I hope you will check this out for yourself by clicking the banner at the bottom of this article. If you join AIOP from my referral link, you will either be in my downline or that of my sponsor. I’ll be happy regardless whether you are under me or my sponsor because he happens to be the one who created this team! Come join us today so together we can all benefit from this low cost way of generating a very substantial and growing residual income.

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