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Published on 2/5/2020 additional information available

This $5 Advertising Program Pays 100% Commissions

# All In One Profits

This $5 Advertising Program Pays 100% Commissions

     If you have a limited advertising budget, you might want to consider taking just $5 in Bitcoin to place banner and text ads on Pays4Ever. Why? Because if you get even one other person who takes advantage of this low cost advertising, that person would pay you $5 in bitcoin, so you would break even.

     Furthermore, if another person then chooses to get advertiskng on Pays4Ever from you, you’d be paid another $5 in Bitcoin. Making use of P4E certainly makes sense both from the perspective of low cost advertising, and also from the potential of income generation.

     Speaking of income generation, if you continue to get signups to P4E, your earnings could increase substantially. Here is a graphic which shows what is possible. Whether or not you get a lot of sign ups, you'd still get the advertising, and you would break even with just one paid sign up. Any paid sign ups after that would put you into profit, maybe even quite a bit of profit.

     What’s more, if you join from my P4E referral link, you will also qualify to be a member of the RocktheBizOp Team, which will give you access to all their marketing sales funnels and other marketing tools and training. That could help you get sign ups to Pays4Ever and to All In One Profits (AIOP) and Easy1Up as well.

     Getting signups to All In One Profits is something everyone who appreciates the value of residual income should want. In AIOP, you could build a paying downline that has no limits as to how wide and how deep it can get. As a Basic member you earn at $10 a month from everyone who is ever in your paying downline. If you are a Pro member, you earn at least $15 for every Pro member in your paying downline.

     In case you are curious about why I say “at least” in regards to what Pro members get, the reason I said that is because Pro members get an extra $3 a month for any Pro members who they personally refer. That means as a Pro member you would earn $18 rather than $15 a month from those who you personally referred if they also are at the Pro level.

     Becoming a paid member of Pays4Ever is a one time cost of $5. Being a Basic member of AIOP only costs $11.50 per month ($10 plus a $1.50 processing fee). Being a Pro member of AIOP is just $21.76 per month ($20 plus a $1.76 processing fee). Being a member of the RocktheBizOps Team costs nothing other than having joined at least one of these three programs -- Pays4Ever, AIOP, or Easy1UP from a current Team member. (You can upgrade in Easy1Up for just a one time $25 plus $5 admin fee.)

     If you are not currently a member of any of these three programs, why not join one of them under me and become a member of our Team to help you get paid referrals and earn commissions. If, on the other hand, you are a already member of any of the programs, then you could join one of the other ones under me (or any other current Team member) to qualify to be in our team and so we can help you succeed.

    As you might guess, I’m paid member of All In One Profits, Easy1Up, and Pays4Ever, and I'll benefit if you become a paid member under me in of any of them. I’ve earned and been paid commissions from all of them. I’m glad I can introduce the RocktheBizOps Team to people so they’ll be able to get the training and marketing tools to help them get sign ups and earn commissions from these valuable programs.

     Want to be come an active member of our team? Want to make good use of what we provide to help you grow your online income? Even if you don't care to join our team, would you still like to get in on the advertising and Bitcoin earning potential of Pays4Ever for just a one time $5? Either way, you can start by joining P4E right now. You can use the banner below and get going with me today.

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