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Published on 2/1/2020 additional information available

Simple Profitable Email List Building

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Simple Profitable Email List Building


     Want to build your own email list? Want to use it to make money online? Then click the image you see above and find out how.

     You’ll get two things if you do that. First, you’ll get to watch a short 12 minute video. No need to tie up a lot of your precious time that could be better used by doing such as getting going with building your own profitable email list.

     The video will clearly explain how you can make substantial money with this simple system even as your list is growing. Even getting 4 people who see the value of this could be the start of generating both an email list and an income that has the potential of growing exponentially in the coming months and years.

    The second thing that will happen if click the image at the top of this page is you will get a short series of emails that will tell you about All In One Profits. AIOP will give you the tools you need to build a list of any size for just $10 plus a $1.50 processing fee per month.

     Your paying downline in AIOP can be infinitely wide and infinitely deep. Who will be in your paying downline? First, it will be every odd numbered paid referral you make. All those referrals will then pass up to you all of their even numbered paid referrals. All the referrals who are passed up to you will also pass up all their even numbered paid referrals.

     How can you get sign ups to AIOP? The image at the top of this page is actually a screen shot of one of the splash pages that the team that I’m a member of makes available to its members. That page, and the one with 12 minute video, and the emails that are sent out are all available free of charge to all of our members.

    How can you become a member of our team? You can join AIOP from me or anyone else on the team. Or, if you are already a member of AIOP, then you can join Pays4Ever (an advertising program) for just a one time only $5, and you'll be able to use all our marketing funnels and make use of all our training to help you get signups to AIOP.

     If you join and use our capture pages, even those who opt in from them yet don't sign up to AIOP will still be added to your email list. They will have shown interest in making money or learning about online marketing, so they will be good prospects anything else you might want to recommend to them.

    So, do you want this simple way to build a profitable email list? Then click the image below and let’s get going.

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