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Published on 4/6/2020 additional information available

Puzzled About How To Get More Sign Ups?

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     What do you think of the promotional page that you see above? I made it myself with remarkably little effort. I love making pages like that one, and they work really well for me. Would you like to be able to make pages like that yourself? Think about what they could do for whatever business you are promoting.

    The Landing Page Maker that I used is one of the powerful marketing tools available to anyone who is a Platinum Plus member of Gorilla Marketing Pro. We can use it to make as many such pages as we like. We can have either videos or images in the background. We can chose the clickable buttons we want to use, and have them link to whatever sites we want.

       GMP will let you create an unlimited list that you can email right from your back office. You can also create banners and slide shows with ease. Tools like these make me want to never be without what I get from GMP.

    There is a free membership, and those who take it can use the pre-made splash and capture pages to make their own unlimited email list. They can even earn 10 cents for everyone who gets added to their GMP email list, and email everyone on their list right from their own back office.

    But I hope you will consider going for the Platinum Pro membership. How mucch is the cost to do so? Just $25 for the first month and $15 a month thereafter, and you can cancel anytime.

    Platinum Members earn $5 a month for all their referrals who upgrade to Platinum Plus, $99 from their referrals who take the $99 for a full year offer, and $50 for their referrals who take the Lifetime offer.

    These prices are remarkably low. Other companies charge $50 a month or more for similar marketing tools. Think of how many more people can afford $15 a month than $50 or more per month.

    Wouldn't you like to be able to make stunning promotional pages like the one that is shown at the top of this article? Why not join me in creating pages that stand out from the crowd and to help you build your businesses?

     Come discover what Gorilla Marketing Pro tools can do for your online marketing efforts. I'm quite confident that you will come to love them as much as I do. Use the banner below (that I made with GMP marketing tools) to get going with GMP today. 

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