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Published on 12/5/2019 additional information available

Low Cost Business With High Profit Potential

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Low Cost Business With High Profit Potential

     One of the most important things any business can do is have their own email list of prospects and customers. That is why they always seek to get as many names and emails as possible of people who show interest in what their business is all about.

     All In One Profits can help you build your own email list for whatever business you want. You can use their web tools to create your own capture pages and autoresponders to help you generate email lists of any size. You’ll be able to keep in touch with your subscribers with both automatic and broadcast emails.

     Your cost will be just $11.50 a month if you go for the Basic Membership at AIOP, or $21.67a month if you opt for the Pro Membership. There is no need to ever pay anything more no matter how many subscribers you get.

     Those and the other great marketing tools are reason enough to sign up and use All In One Profits. But another great reason for using and promoting AIOP is their exceedingly generous compensation plan.

     The compensation plans offered by other companies may let you earn a certain amount from your direct referrals, and a certain amount from their direct referrals. Or, if they let you earn from multiple leverls of referral, you may earn lower and lower commissions from those who are not in your first or second level of referrals.

      That's not the way AIOP's Even-Up compensation plan works. It you become a Basic member for $11.50 a month, you’ll earn $10 a month from everyone who goes into your downline powerline. If you become a Pro member, you’ll earn $15 from Pro members and $10 from Basic members in your downline powerline.

     Now, who goes into your downline powerline? All your odd numbered paid referrals (1st, 3rd, 5th, to infinity). Then all of their even numbered paid referrals (2nd, 4th, 6th, to infinity). And then all those even numbered paid referrals who are passed up to you will pass up their even numbered paid referrals to you as well. 

     Other compensation plans that may boast about how you could earn from, say, 10 levels of referrals. But what you could earn on most of those levels would be a very small amount. And the number of referrals in any given level would likely be limited to a certain maximum number. But the AIOP compensation plan has no such limits. You will earn at $10 a month from everyone in your paying powerline, unless it is more than that because you became a Pro member, in which case you’ll earn $10 from all the Basic members and $15 from the Pro members in your powerline.

     AIOP is extraordinarily affordable. No need to risk hundreds of dollars to get started. No need to pay $50 or much more each month to be able to make money with this. And you don’t have to go this alone.

     You could become part of the RocktheBizOps team that I’m a member of. If you do, you’ll get to use all of our promotional pages and sales funnels that are available now, as well as all the new ones that they come out with in the coming months. You’ll also get access to their training Blog and the Facebook page.

     Are you looking to build your own email list to help you with your marketing and sales? Would you like to be able to benefit from a compensation plan that is designed to help you nearly break even with your first paid sign up, and could go on to help you a grow a very substantial residual income?

     I invite you to click on the banner on the top or bottom of this page. Doing so will allow you to opt in to learn more about AIOP. 

     The referral links in those banners are those of Herb Ratsch, who is one of my AIOP referrals, and is also a greatly respected online marketer.  Why am I promoting Herb’s referral links in this press release instead of my own? Two reasons. First, because I know that those who get him as their sponsor will be served very well. And second, I know that he’ll get all the odd numbered paid referrals from those links, and I’ll get all the even numbered paid referrals that come from them.

     So it makes sense for AIOP members to help our referrals get sign ups. It is likely to encourage them to stick with AIOP, and that can benefit both them and us.

    Want to join our team? Then lets get going. 

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