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Published on 12/9/2019 additional information available

Let A 12 Minute Webinar Do the Selling For You

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Let A 12 Minute Webinar Do The Selling For You

     Most people are not very good at getting people to sign up or buy things from them. They may have heard that they need to learn how to help allow others to sell themselves, but it can take a pretty fair amount of time to master that skill. And then it can take even more time to try to teach it to others.

     To help you save you time, you could get started by letting people watch a 12 minute video that could do the explaining and selling for you. Since  that is such a short amount of time, others would be encouraged to do the same. Click the image below so you can see a very short video that serves an an introduction to the webinar.

     The webinar is about a business that anyone can get started for just $10 (and a $1.50 processing fee). For that very low cost you (or anyone you introduce it to) get wonderfully powerful marketing tools (like unlimited splash and capture page making, and unlimited autoresponders). And you (and anyone) can also earn $10 monthly commissions from everyone in your paying downline no matter how big it gets. That webinar explains exactly how it works.

     You want to make more money, and so do a great many other people. This webinar can help both you and them to accomplish that. Everyone who becomes part of your paying downline will be able to use that webinar and other powerful done-for-you marketing tools to help them get more paid sign ups. And as they get more paid sign ups, both their team and income and your team and income can continue to grow larger.

     Are you ready to make use of this? Then let’s get going.

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