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Published on 9/16/2019 additional information available

Is It Time To Join (Or Rejoin) GDI Now?

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Is It Time To Join (Or Rejoin) GDI Now?

     I had joined GDI (Global Domains International) previously. After all, it was only $10 a month and for that low cost I got a domain name and could host a blog or other website. I could also earn one dollar per month from anyone who became a paid member from my referral link, and another $1 per month from four more levels of referrals.

     But I became involved in other programs, and never built much of a downline in GDI.  So what did I do? I dropped out. The same is true of quite a number of other people who had also joined GDI in hopes of making money with it. Some folks have joined and dropped out multiple times, all because of not being able to get enough signups.

     Nevertheless, the company itself has continued to remain strong and reliable throughout the past 20 years. Some entrepreneurs have profited well from buying domain names from GDI, and then reselling those domain names to businesses who could benefit from them. Other entrepreneurs have made big money as GDI affiliates.

     Good value and low cost make this an ideal business to associated with. But If I rejoined now would I be able to get enough paid signups who would also be able to get enough paid signups to make it really worthwhile for all of us?

     I believe the answer to that question is a hearty YES! And therefore I am going to go for it with with determination and persistence. This is an online business that has proven that it is strong and stable. And it has a compensation plan that rewards those who promote it effectively and consistently.

     What was the determining factor in my decision to rejoin this business? It was a promotional page that I’d seen several times, and recently noticed that it had now been improved to include video testimonials of individuals who were finally now having real success with GDI after previously having been unable to do so. Here is one of those video testimonials.


     After watching that video, and a few of the others on the new promotional page, I clicked the call to action button and signed up to GDI. My new domain that I chose in my GDI back office is I then set it to redirect to my copy of the new promotional page that I got from the team I'm now part of. If you click my domain link you'll get to see that page for yourself. If you do, be sure to take a little time to watch a few of the short videos that tell about this amazing system.

     Once I was logged into my GDI back office, I also took a look at the contact info of the 5 people who are my upline so I could contact some of them. I soon heard back from them, and learned where to go get my own URL for the video page as well as other promotional materials. I also heard back from the member of my upline who is somebody I’ve personally known and respected for several years, a guy who became a millionaire from online marketing. If he thinks this new marketing system for promoting GDI is worthwhile, then that alone is a fantastic reason for me (or anyone) to be using it.

     Want to get in on this powerful new way of marketing a very low cost high value business with a 5 level compensation plan that is potentially exceedingly profitable? Then click the banner below and check out the page that you could soon get a copy of so you can start using it to profit more now.

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