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Published on 1/29/2020 additional information available

How To Earn 1.49 Bitcoin For Free

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How To Earn 1.49 Bitcoin For Free

     Would you like to earn over 1.49 Bitcoin with zero out of pocket cost to you? And would you like to go on from there and keep earning more and more Bitcoin? If so, let’s get going and do it.

     In order for this to work starting totally for free, it will take about 30 minutes a day of surfing, and also let a few other people know about this plan. First, sign up to Infinity Traffic Boost if you are not already a member. Doing so doesn’t cost anything and you can start earning from day one.

     Get your ITB account set up with your Bitcoin wallet address so they’ll be able to pay you when you are ready to cash out. If you want you can have them pay you whenever your balance reaches the payout minimum. Or you can use your earnings to help you earn even more, which is what I am doing and recommend.

     Step 1: Once you have your Infinity Traffic Boost account set up, start viewing 100 pages per day. That will only take about 30 minutes or so, and at midnight of each day there will be Satoshi will be added to your account (you earn some Satoshi for ever 10 pages you have surfed that day).

     As you continue surfing 100 pages a day at ITB, your earnings will grow and you will be able to buy Traffic Package Option 1 (TPO1) in about 80 days.

     Step 2: Refer 4 or more friends to do the same so they can also earn Bitcoin. Let them know about this simple and effective 5 step plan so they can use it and share it with others.

     You’ll want to start Step 1 and Step 2 on your very first day. If the average Share value in ITB is 75 Satoshi, to help you be  able to earn enough in about 80 days to purchase TPO 1 and get the Fast Track System going. Step 2 of referring 4 people could be done in about 8 days using the promo tools in Infinity Traffic Boost.

    Step 3: Once you have completed step 2, encourage those 4 you referred to do their step 2 in  the next 8 days.

     Step 4: When your 4 have finished their Step 2, encourage them to teach their 4 to finish their Step 2.

      Once those 4 steps are completed, you are ready the Fast Track System.

     Step 5: The Fast Track System:

Fast Track - Stage 1  You are now a Tier 1 Advertiser.

     The 4 people you referred in Step 2 should be able to buy their TPO 1 in the next 8 days.

     When they do, your commissions will be 240,000 Satoshi (BTC 0.0024).

     Your 2nd  TPO 1 sale will be passed up, so you will have 3 direct referrals.

     You will also be earning Satoshi every day from your own surfing.

     At the end of Stage 2 you can buy a Traffic PacKage Option 2 from the earnings in your ITB Wallet.

Fast Track – Stage 2.

     Your 3 remaining direct referrals should be able to buy their TPO 2 in the next 8 days. You will 240,000 Satoshi (BTC 0.0024) commissions from 3 TPO 1 sales passed up to you. You earn a total of 320,000 Satoshi (BTC 0.0032) commissions from two TPO 2 sales.

     Your second TPO 2 sale will be passed up, leaving you with 2 direct referrals.

     When you finish Stage 2 you can buy a TPO 3 from the funds in your ITB wallet.

     Be sure to remind those on your team to follow these guidelines so you and they can earn Bitcoin as these examples lay out.

Fast Track – Stage 3

     You start as a Tier 3 Advertiser.

     With every stage you will receive more pass ups, and you will pass up 2nd TPO sale of that Tier.

     You will earn a total of 1,360,000 Satoshi (BTC 0.0136) commissions in Stage 3, and then will be able to purchase TPO 4 from the funds in your wallet.

     These assumptions are based on you and your referrals duplicating what is laid out in this 5 step system.

Fast Track – Stage 4

     During Stage 4, by you and those you refer duplicating this plan, you can earn a total of 4,080,000 Satoshi (BTC 0.0408) in commissions. You will then be able to skip buying TPO 5, and instead go straight to purchasing TPO 6!

Fast Track – Stage 5

     In this stage you can earn 13,200,000 Satoshi (BTC 0.132) so you will be able to skip TPO 7 and go straight to purchasing TPO 8 from your wallet funds.

Fast Track – Stage 6

    In this state you can earn 37,360,000 (BTC 0.3736) in commissions, which will enable you to buy TPO 9 from your wallet funds.

Fast Track – Stage 7

     You start this stage as a Tier 9 Advertiser, and you can earn a total of 134,720,000 Satoshi (BTC 1.3472) in commissions during this stage.

     Congratulations! At the end of this stage you can have 149,420,000 Satoshi (BTC 1.4942) in your wallet.

Note: These assumptions are based on you and your referrals and those they refer duplicating the steps in this plan.

     The plan laid out above is based on your referring just 4 people who follow these guidelines to be able to change their lives starting at zero cost. But you also could refer more than four people to help this plan work faster, and make up for those who don’t duplicate the steps laid out here.

     If you want to start earning faster, you could purchase a TPO 1 for about $2.44 in Bitcoin, and surf just 10 pages a day, and refer others who will do the same. Simple, affordable, and it could help you and those you refer to reach 1.49 Bitcoin more quickly.

     Want help in referring 4 people? A simple way is to go the Referral Tools section of your Infinity Traffic Boost account and use their promotional pages, banners, and sample email content. There are plenty of people who would love to know of a free way they could get Bitcoin and also have an effective place to advertise. Come join me at Infinity Traffic Boost today so we can all earn more Bitcoin.

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