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Published on 5/23/2020 additional information available

How To Build Your Team and Earn 100% Commissions

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How To Build A Team And Earn 100% Commissions

    One vital key to unlock profitable network marketing profits is to build your own team in a way that can benefit you and everyone who joins your team. The clickable image below is a screen shot of a splash page that you could start using as soon as today to help accomplish that.


     I hope you will click on that image so you will see the actual page open up in a new window. Then I hope you will click on the "Yes, I Need To Start My Own Team" button and find out what happens. If you opt in, you'll get to watch a short video that explains how this can take the first step toward building your very own profitable team.

     Why not check this out for yourself? You don’t need to spend even a single cent unless you become convinced that this powerful system is what you want to use to build your own team to help you and everyone on your team be able to grow a substantial income.

    As good as this splash page and the autoresponder emails that go with it are, there are more of both that have already been created and will be created in the coming months. That will be good for you and everyone on your team.

     Having a team is how to build a truly sizable income. We help each other earn more and more. It's kind of like why there are franchises, which benefit both those who get the franchises and the parent company that makes them available.

     The particular Team builder system I use incorporates All In One Profits marketing tools, which can be used to help any business get more signups and sales. AIOP only costs $10 plus a tiny $1.50 admin fee per month. And it has a compensation plan that lets you get paid $10 a month from every odd numbered paid member who comes from your referral link. They become part of your team.

    Everyone who is on your team will pass up all their even numbered paid referrals, and you’ll earn $10 a month from each of them. The same thing will happen for them when they get paid  referrals.

     You can also use your AIOP autoresponders to send out whatever emails you want, including newsletters and broadcasts for special announcements. Use them to inform and encourage your team. Use them to keep your team excited about what is going on now and what is coming next.

     Do you want your own team? Do you want 100% commissions? Then come, let’s do it together.


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