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Published on 10/4/2019 additional information available

How Many Is Too Many AIOP Paid Referrals?

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How Many Is Too Many AIOP Paid Referrals?

     The answer is simple. There can never be too many paid referrals when it comes to AIOP. There are some programs where there can be a time when your downline tree becomes completely full and you would no longer earn any additional commissions even if you or those in your downlline had more people join and upgrade. That is simply not the case when it comes to the AIOP compensation plan.

     In All In One profits, you earn 100% commissions from all your odd numbered referrals (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.) no matter how many you ever get.

     Furthermore, whenever those referrals get paid signups to AIOP, all the even numbered signups (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, etc.) get passed up to you and you earn 100% commissions from them as well.

     Those people who are passed up to you also pass up their even numbered referrals to you. So as long as you and any of them keep promoting and keep getting signups then there is no limit as to how many AIOP paid referrals you could get.

    That is why you should be in AIOP and why you should be using proven tools and strategies to get as many referrals as possible.

    I’m in a team that has extraordinary marking tools and strategies to help its members get new AIOP signups. I encourage you to join us so you can have access to what we already have, and to all the brand new things that continue to be created and made available to us all year long.

     But what if you are already a member of AIOP? You probably think that would prevent you from being part of our team. Well, normally it would, but this team also helps its members get paid signups to Easy1UP. So even if you are already in AIOP, if you join Easy1UP under any current team member at even the lowest level, which is just a one time $25 and $5 admin fee, then you are welcome to be part of this team.

    If you are not yet in AIOP, then come join from my link and you’ll be under me or my sponsor, Steve Anthony, who happens to be admin of the #RockTheBizOps Team.

     If you are already in AIOP, then simply join Easy1UP from my link (or the link of any other member of the #RockTheBizOp team) and purchase one of the packages. If you buy the Elevation package you’ll qualify to earn $25 from all but the 2nd person who buys it from you. (Commission from just the 2nd sale would go to me as your sponsor.) If you buy the Elevation Elite package, you will qualify to earn $100 from everyone but the 2nd person who buys it from you, as well as $25 from everyone who buys the Elevation package from you, even if you didn’t purchase that one itself. Whatever package you buy qualifies you to earn 100% commissions for that one and any lower priced one. You can join Easy1Up by clicking this banner.

     Want to get access to some powerful sales funnels and top notch training to help you get paid signups to All In One Profits? Then become a member of the #RocktheBiz Ops Team by joining either AIOP or Easy1Up through me or any other current member of the team. Then get ready for the ride of your life as we all make good use of all the many fresh new marketing pages and funnels that this team continually makes available to us. Go ahead, click the image below.

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