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Published on 5/21/2020 additional information available

How I Am Building A Residual Income

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How I’m Building A Residual Income

     I have two primary businesses that I’m involved with. With one of them I earn a commission whenever a customer purchases any of the products from my online web store. I enjoy that business and I’m happy I can provide my customers with good quality products at affordable prices. But I only earn a new commission when a new sale is made.

     The other business that I’m involved with provides online web services such as splash and capture maker and autoresponder at a very reasonable cost. That is the business I would like to tell you about in this article because this is the one that is helping me generate a residual income.

     Residual income means the money comes in month after month even without new signups or sales. The company that is helping me do that is All In One Profits. AIOP provides online marketing tools at low cost. There are other companies that provide similar services (although many do so for higher prices), but AIOP is the one with the most generous compensation plan that I’ve ever come across.

     I’m an AIOP affiliate with a Pro membership, and I earn either $10 or $15 a month from every odd numbered direct referral I get (1st, 3rd, 5th, etc. to infinity). Being a pro member only costs me $21.67 a month, and that gives me access to all of their powerful marketing tools. I can make unlimited splash and capture pages and have as many autoresponder series of any size that I want. I earn $15 monthly from the pro members in my downline, as well as $10 from the Basic members in my downline. (Basic membership is just $11.50 a month.)

     Who becomes part of my downline? First of all, as I said earlier, it is all my odd numbered direct referrals. Then, whenever any of those people get referrals, all their even numbered referrals are passed up to me.

     Whenever those passed up referrals get referrals, the even numbered ones will also be passed up to me.

     And that it how it goes. There is no limit as to how many people I can sign up directly or who can be passed up to me. If you became a paid AIOP affiliate there would be no limit as to many how many people who could be in your paying downline from your own recruiting efforts and the ones who are passed up to you.

     Getting signups into any company isn’t easy. It does take time and effort. But it can be well worth it to put that time and effort into doing so in order to build a substantial residual income with AIOP. Not everyone who joins an affiliate company, even one as good as AIOP, sticks with it. But some of them do, especially when they start getting profitable results. Some folks get excited about the profit potential of this business. They quit chasing after the shiny object offers that are here today and gone tomorrow. All In One Profits has proven itself to be more stable than so many other companies.

     I’m part of the RocktheBizOps Team that provides capture pages that help me get prospects, and also autoresponder email series that help me turn those prospects into paid members of AIOP.  Month after month this Team has been providing a new promotional page and autoresponder email series that we can quickly and easily set up in our own AIOP accounts. That keeps things fresh and helps draw in new leads, some of whom may turn into paying AIOP members.

     Want to use All In One Profits to help you build your own residual income? Then click the image below and let’s get going.


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