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IBOtoolbox adserver v3.1

Published on 11/23/2021 additional information available

Create Web Pages, Build Lists, and More For Free

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     Whatever you are promoting online, you want your advertising to get noticed so they will want to take action. You also want to know whether your advertising is getting the attention you hope it will. And when you do get prospects to take action in response to your ads, you want to know where they saw the ads.

    The promotional web page you see above was one that I created with the Page Builder in LeadsLeap. It was easy to make using the templates that are available and then customizing it to my heart's content. Whenever anyone opts in from it I will know where they saw the ad.

     Those who opt in will automatically get a verification email with a link to click, and when they do so will be sent to another web page to get more information. Free LeadsLeap members will be able to broadcast emails to people on their email lists, and Pro members can set up full fledged autoresponder email series.

    LeadsLeap is a type of traffic exchange, but it is unlike any other exchange that I have ever come across. Nowhere else have I found one which provides so many web marketing tools even for free members.

    Their link tracker lets me know countries the views are coming from, the duration of the views, whether they were real (not bot), and the responses (whether people took action). 

   In the Page Manager I can see exactly where my opt-ins are coming from, such as whether they came from an ad here on IBO, or anywhere where I might have my web pages being shown.

   Not only do free members get a great many professional tools to market whatever they want, they can also earn 25% monthly commissions from anyone they refer upgrades to Pro.

    I love being able to make great looking web pages. And I'm delighted to be able to know what pages and on what sites I am getting real responses to those pages. And I like how I was able to earn commissions from referrals when I was using it at no cost, and now higher commissions now that I upgraded to Pro.


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