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Published on 12/6/2019 additional information available

Becoming IBO Featured Member By Simply Doing What Is Right

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Becoming IBO Featured Member By Simply Doing What is Right

     Yesterday I wrote and posted a new press release here on IBOtoolbox. I wrote it as best that I could, and made additional edits even after I’d posted it. Afterwards I read and commented on press releases written by others here on IBO. I did those things because they are right things to do.

     Although circumstances sometimes prevent me from being as active as I’d like to be here on IBOtoolbox, I do love writing worthwhile content that I believe can benefit others, and I enjoy encouraging others in what they are doing and writing about.

     Writing of a good press release takes time and effort. If other IBO members work hard to create and post their press releases, and then there are few if any comments made, they are apt to be discouraged from doing any more additional writing. And if the comments that are made are little more than lip service, they may wonder if those doing the comments have even actually read the press release.

     There is a lot of great content published here on IBO. We can all learn important things if we take the time to carefully read what others share here. We can learn how to market our own businesses better. We can learn things that could help us improve our health. We can even get a good laugh from reading funny stories that are included in what others share here.

     Over the years I’ve written about businesses that have been profitable for me and others. I’ve written about childhood memories that I thought others would enjoy hearing about. And I’ve shared some things have inspired me. IBOtoolbox is a platform where we can share about what is important to us, whatever that may be.

     We can and should write from our heart, and we should do that both when we are writing an article to share with others, and also when we are writing comments on what others have written and posted here. Doing so shows respect for other IBO content contributors. And doing so is likely to earn us more respect from those who read our comments.

     I’m glad to have been named Featured Member of the Day for the 23rd time today. Even if FMOTD is ever discontinued, I’ll still keep doing what I do here simply because it is the right thing to do. Hopefully we’ll all do what is right in every part of life because it is what we all should do all the time.

     Thank you for reading this. May God bless all of you this Christmas season and throughout the coming year.

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