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Published on 9/25/2019 additional information available

Are You Ready To Finally Make Substantial Money Online?

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Are You Ready To Finally Make Substantial Money Online?

     If are still not making much money online despite all you’ve done so far, then you for sure are not alone. Some say that about 97% of people who try to earn an income online fail to do so even after months and even years of trying.

     One problem that may be holding them back could be that they are not making their own email list of people who have given them them permission to contact them about their products, services, and offers. Another problem may that even if they’ve started to build a list, many (maybe even most) of them may not have a good way of maintaining the interest of the people on their list, and therefore they either don't ever become paying customers, or don't stay on as paying customers. Just building a list isn’t of much value if you’re not making any money from it.

     Are you tired and frustrated that all your online marketing efforts are not producing the results that you you’ve been looking for?

     Well, so am I.

     What? Am I admitting that I, like you, am not rich yet? Yes, I’m admitting that. I don’t yet have a fancy sports car, yacht, or luxury mansion. (I personally don't care much about those particular things, but I sure would like to be consistently making more money that I am at the present time). Why am I admitting that? Because I believe in being honest and forthright with you. I have is a good reputation here on IBO and elsewhere, and I don’t want to damage it by lying to you.

      So what am I now going to do to increase my income? I have become an affiliate of a company that has very affordable online marketing tools, and a wonderfully generous compensation plan, and therefore it is well worth devoting my time and talents to. I had been an affiliate of this company a few years ago, but for a variety of reasons went on to other endeavors that at the time showed great promise, and, since I didn’t want to spread myself too thin, I dropped out of that company.

     However, now I am back as an affiliate of that company, and I am here to stay. Previously, I never had any interaction with the person who I was signed up under. That had contributed to my decision to move on to other things, even though I had gotten to know and very much respect one of the owners of the company.

    The deciding factor in my decision to rejoin a few days ago was seeing one of the promotional pages available from a Team that helps its members to effectively market and get sign-ups to this company. I am now in that Team, and here is a screen shot of one of the pages I activated today and will be using. Click the image to see the actual page itself.

    As you can see, that page has my name and photo in the upper left corner of it. If you joined us, you could have a page like that and have your name and photo on it if you wanted. That is what is called branding, and it can be an important part of your becoming a recognized and successful online marketer. 

     The company that I am again an affiliate of is All In One Profits (AIOP). Being even a Basic member of that company enables us to make our own web pages and have unlimited autoresponder campaigns. Those are just a couple of the many powerful marketing tools that we get for just $10 (plus a $1.50 processing charge) per month.  AIOP also gives us an incredible way to build a full time income, earning $10 monthly from everyone in our downline.

     Who goes into our downline? Every odd numbered paid referral we ever get. And also every even numbered paid referral that those who are in our downline get, including those who are passed up to us. The potential for financial growth with this compensation plan is phenomenal.

      Want to join me in AIOP and get access to the promotional pages and email campaigns available from the Team I am now in? If you join from a link in this article you will either become one of my own direct referrals, or a referral of the person who is my sponsor. Unlike the individual was my sponsor years ago when I used to be in AIOP, I’ve been in contact with my sponsor this time on a daily basis. He is very active in both AIOP and in the Team I’m now in. In fact, he is the creator and admin of this Team!

     He and I are hitting it off extremely well right from the start. One reason for that is because he already knew me from here on IBOtoolbox, so he's seen what I write here in my press releases and comments. Another reason he is happy that I joined his team is because he is such a supportive and enthusiastic guy who wants everyone who joins this team to become super successful.

      Want to join us in AIOP and have either me or this team’s creator as your sponsor? We would love to see you finally have what you need to start making a very substantial income online. I invite you to click the banner below so you can get going with us right now.


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