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Published on 1/24/2020 additional information available

Advertise And Earn Bitcoin At the Same Time

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Advertise And Earn Bitcoin At the Same Time

     Some time back, I joined an advertising program that I’d read some good things about. But, when I discovered that the program was geared to provide both advertising and earn Bitcoin, which I wasn't involved with as yet, I didn't start usiing the program at that time.

     As we all have been seeing, Bitcoin has become more and more of a standard way of earning and doing transactions online. So I realized that I’d better get going and become set up with Bitcoin. So I did.

      Well, I’m now exceedingly glad I am finally able to both pay and get paid with Bitcoin. I'm especially happy about it because I am now able to use that advertising program I joined a while back. I am so impressed by and excited about the program that I've now created a brand new splash page to let others know about it. I invite you to click the image below so you can see my new page in action.

       The program is Infinity Traffic Boost, and it has some truly great things going for it. For example, you can, if you choose, use it absolutely for free, earning ad credits just for viewing other people’s ads for 15 seconds each. And, even as a free member, you can earn some Bitcoin every day that your surf 100 ads. Don't want to surf 100 pages in a single day? No problem!  If you take even the lowest priced advertising package, you’ll earn Bitcoin on any day that your surf just 10 ads.

    If you are upgraded and you refer others to ITB, you will earn an 80% commission on those who purchase the same traffic package that you bought or the next higher priced one, and 30% of the other packages.

      The advertising you purchase has real value because the people who view your ads must keep them open on their screen for at least a full 15 seconds in order to be credited for having viewed the ad. That is why some businesses successfully use Infinity Traffic Boost just for advertising, and don’t care about earning those 80% and 30% commissions that come from introducing others to the program.

     If you, like me, are also interested in earning Bitcoin commissions. as well as getting the good advertising, then you’ll be happy to know that ITB pays you instantly whenever your earnings reach .0001 Bitcoin.

     Want to learn more about Infinity Traffic Boost to see if it would be a great fit for your advertising and earning? Then come join for free and check it out for yourself. I think it is quite likely that you will become just as excited about it as I am.


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