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Published on 10/18/2019 additional information available

Why I Am Changing My Whole Marketing Plan...

#Marketing Bootcamp
# Marketing Plan
# Network Marketing

... and why you might want to as well.

Let me see if you can identify with this...

A while back I spent an entire month creating a marketing funnel, website, training content, examples ads, and autoresponder sequences to promote the new business I had just joined.

Not only did I do this for my own marketing, but I built out all of these things for anyone joining my team.

It was working well for me...

This now became my primary business opportunity... I personally sponsored 17 people in my business... I had a total of 85 people in my downline... so many, in fact, that I had no time to market for myself.

I was spending all my time building stuff out for my downline members.

That's okay... I was glad to help.

But the thing was, after spending all this time and effort, the new members were not even using the tools I built for them.

I guess they thought that all they had to do was join and let me do all the work.

Anyway, there was a glitch in the system... not in the funnel that I built, but in the whole companies online software framework.

A support team member clicked the wrong button and my entire team was gone... and all of their teams as well.

The owner of the company had to clear out time is his schedule to personally oversee the rebuilding of our teams... it took well over a week before it was completed.

Guess what many of my team members did?

Since very few of them had personally built their business themselves, they moved on to something else.

Do I blame them?

Not really, because I failed to do what I now believe is the most important factor in any online venture...

I failed to teach my team how to market and how to build their own team.

I guarantee if they invested the time and effort that I did they would not just step away to greener pastures at the first bump in the road they encounter.

So that's the kind of people that I am now looking to help... people who want to invest in themselves and build their own business... not those who are wanting to just sponge off of my efforts.

Yes, I am still working my primary business... I still believe in it.

But I am focusing my efforts on recruiting a new breed of network marketer. I am also not trying to reinvent the wheel... I am using marketing tools that have already been proven to work.

Does my story resonate with you?

If so, check this out... grab my free 10 Day Marketing Boot Camp.

Here's the link...

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