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Published on 2/14/2020 additional information available

Your BEST Decision Ever!

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Your BEST Decision Ever!


I am George Pierce.

The following IBO Press Release
is about working from home and
why it may be your best option
for you and your family.
Work From Home For More Family Time!

Some of us are missing major events in our family life because we have to work.

Or how about ~ we manage to get the time off, but it takes an act of Congress!


This IBO Press Release is about working from home online and why you need to start NOW!

But first, allow me to share that working from home is often misrepresented or misunderstood.

No Work
No Effort
Get Rich Over Night

You will have to work, and you will have to learn, and you must persist. Working from home takes effort, lots of effort, consistent effort, and consistent action. Working from home is simple and easy, in that the process is one that anyone can need to learn the process in order to succeed.


I believe that when you know what it takes to work from the comfort of your home, you have a much better chance of success. When you hit a bump in the road, and yes you will hit your share, then this EASY, NO WORK, NO EFFORT, GET RICH, work at home decision suddenly seems to be a bad decision and you feel as if you have been scammed.

The BEST Decision You Ever Made!

The fact is that working from home is the best decision that you could ever make.


You are the boss

Being the boss allows you to be the one to run the show and make decisions. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you are probably already itching to take charge. Working from home online, allows this to happen for you.


Start part-time

You can begin your business as a part-time venture, based on a schedule that will fit your schedule. Begin by working as many hours as you can spare.

Build your business to full-time

Most of the people that are working full-time online, began part-time and grew their business into a full-time business. The exciting part for most was reaching a point where they could fire their boss.


Low Start-Up Costs ~ Low Risk

Unlike most business opportunities, working at home requires little out-of-pocket expense. This means that you have low risk, thus making working online a perfect choice for those who might never be able to otherwise take charge of their life.

Start-up businesses with low overhead have the highest success rate. (small biz trends)

Extra Income

The extra income is another benefit of beginning your own online home biz. Most households can appreciate and enjoy this added plus.

Huge Income Potential ~ Duplication Process ~ Residual Income

The reason why online home biz has an income potential beyond your belief is primarily due to two financial levers that are not available with a linear income position. You have the ability to create a profitable web page, blog, web site, video, post, etc. and you can DUPLICATE the process again and again! In addition, there is a residual effect, in that your creation can earn you income today and tomorrow and the next day and so on. The potential is literally HUGE.


No Commute

Not having to commute is a serious benefit. No commute can save you time and gas, and also peace of mind.

Tax Benefits

You can write off a lot of expenses and more when you work from home. The tax benefits alone can help you to keep more of your hard-earned income.

Time Benefits

I believe that TIME BENEFITS can be one of the most important perks. Young families, in particular, often have both parents working full-time jobs in order to make ends meet.  With your own business, you can schedule your time off so you no longer have to miss out on important events as well as miss out on everyday life.  

Your Own Business

If you are seeking a way to earn more money and a way to create wealth, starting your own business should be a consideration. Most millionaires and billionaires own their own business.

Who is crushing it online?

According to statistics, 40 to 60-year-olds. Women are the dominant force (WGU). Women seem to be more insightful. Shhh! It is also possible that they work smarter! (Perhaps because they ARE smarter!

This message, however, is not just for 40 to 60-year-old women. I believe that young families can really benefit the most from the benefits and the potential that working at home has to offer.
In addition, people that over 60 will benefit in more ways than income. A new challenge is excellent for brain health. Working from home also can 'replace' the 'LOSS' of their job, if they have retired. They can once again have a purpose and a feeling of worth and value.



Do not wait. No journey can begin without you taking that all-important first step.

Too Scary!

It may seem scary, you may fear you will wait until something 'comfortable' comes along. The scariest thing that you can do is 'nothing'.

The only one that can push you out of your comfort zone is you. The good news is that you may discover that starting your own home biz online is the BEST DECISION you ever made.

Isaac Confesses

Isaac had an unbelievable 60th birthday. His male friends threw Isaac quite a party, and everyone had a great time, especially Isaac.

In fact, the next day found Isaac at the local church making a confession.

"Father I have been married for 40 years and have always been faithful to my wife. Last night, my friends gave me the best birthday party of my life."

"Go on, my son."

"By the end of the night, I got intimate with a beautiful 25-year-old woman."

"How long has it been since your last confession?" asked the priest.

"I have never been to confession before," responded Isaac, "I am Jewish."

A bit shocked, the priest queried, "Then why are you telling me about this?"

"Father, I am telling everyone."

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Thanks for reading, my friends.
Much success,
George Pierce
Internet Marketer Training Channel

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