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Published on 8/14/2020 additional information available

Latest Instagram Marketing Made Easy ~My Weekly Giveaway 8-15-2020

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Latest Instagram Marketing Made Easy


~My Weekly Giveaway 8-15-2020


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My Weekly Give Away is brought to you by

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 Welcome to:

My Weekly Give Away!

Each week, I give away an Internet Marketing gift.  No email is required.  Enjoy.

yes you can   
Hi,  I am George Pierce.

This week's give away is an Instagram Must-Have.

If you are on Instagram, this is perfect.   It will empower you to master Instagram and to maximize your marketing efforts.

If you are new to Instagram, considering Instagram, or an Instagram veteran, you will find value in this week's giveaway.

  Today's Give Away!

Latest Instagram Marketing Made Easy

Instagram Training Guide

In addition to the training guide, this giveaway also includes

Instagram cheat sheet
Instagram Mind Map

Instagram Resources Report

Included in this free download                                                                                                                                               

Training Guide
Cheat Sheet
Mind Map
Special Report
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How Moral Are You?

The following is a quick moral test that takes less than one minute and is suprisingly accurate…so you will find that this test will be well worth taking.

This test consists of one question, so give an honest answer.

The test is based on an imaginary situation and your reaction.

We begin with your imaginary SITUATION:

You are close to the sea coast, and all around you is rain falling sideways and a deafening roar caused by a hurricane.  The area is flooding.

You are a photojournalist. you work for a major newspaper, photography is in your blood.

You are shooting career-making photos.  Nature is unleashing all of her destructive fury and you are recording it.

So here is your TEST:

You suddenly see a man in the water. He is fighting for his life trying to stay afloat.  As you move closer, you realize that the man in the water is the president. and it is obvious that the raging flood waters are about to take him under forever!


 You can save the life of the president of your country or you can shoot a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo, documenting the last minutes of one of the world's most powerful men.

OK:   Her is your moral  QUESTION
and I remind you to give an honest answer.

Your  Options Are:

Would you:
1. Select high-contrast color film or
 2. Go with the classic simplicity of black and white?

1k a mo 
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Thank you for reading, my friends. 
Much Success,,
George Pierce
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