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Are You Making These Mistakes? (Solution)

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Are You Making These Mistakes? (Solution)
I want to share with you some common
mistakes I see most people making.

If you’re doing any of these yourself it’s going
to keep you broke and you will struggle a lot
longer then you need to….

Before I talk about all of this I want to make you
realize the true power of this business once you
have things setup right.

For the last days I’ve got basically no work done.
I’ve been laying in bed with a horrible migrane
headache and I’ve been collecting sales on autopilot.

In fact today I laid down for an hour and woke up
to a $1000 commission in one program, a few paypal
payments from others and got a few checks in the mail.

This is exactly what you should be experiencing for
yourself as well.

This business becomes easier and easier when you do
everything below the right way.

So enough talking about me, let’s talk about the things
most people get wrong and how you can make sure you
do them right.

1.) You don’t have a mentor or you’re following the wrong person.

Usually people go at this business on their own and
have no clue what they should or shouldn’t be doing.

The other group of people find a mentor, but they pick someone
who they think will help them and once they join them the mentor
is gone.


The mentor teaches one thing, but does another.
It’s like the blind leading the blind.

If you want to get results you need to find someone who produces
results for themselves, for others and can show you the proper action
steps needed to get results.

With out this step, you’re dead in the water.

2.) You don’t have a great traffic system in place.

Most people understand it’s possible to make money
online and they see me and many others crushing it
online, but they don’t believe in themselves.


If they do believe in themselves once they tell their
 friends or family their dreams get crushed.

Most people will think you’re crazy, nuts and are
a dreamer when you tell them what you plan to do.

People will always try to knock you down. Sometimes
it’s not on purpose, but it’s human nature.

Thats why you need to find a mastermind or a
community of like minded people to support you
when you’re building your business.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up, not
people who try to knock you down with their negative

3.) You don’t have the skills to pay the bills.

Most people don’t know how to create websites,
design landing pages and all of the technical stuff
stops them.

When I started my online business I had this same
issue, but you shouldn’t let this stuff stop you:

Don’t let little technology stand in your way because
I’m no techie myself. I just figured out how to tap into
systems or find people to do the hard stuff for me.

Most people are horrible at sales and this is why you
should leave the selling to the pro’s and all you focus
on is generating the leads.

I focus on tapping into systems where the hard work
is done for me and all I focus on is generate fresh leads
and the sales funnel goes to work for me even why
 I sleep and don’t work.

You should be doing the same thing if you want a real business.

A real business doesn’t require you to physically be
working in order to generate money.

When everything is setup properly you will make money
when you sleep, when you take vacations and even when
 you’re spending time with your family.


Do you know One of the Best SECRETS to build a successful business? 

Write down this secret asap: "Create Connections with People ".  ....apply the secret to your business :-)

** the first joint venture with my friend Paul made $87,500+ in less than 1 year, without paying a dime in advertising.
Over 40 MILLIONS clicks delivered to our customers. Zero cost per click and we used a free website template ( domain is EOLTT.COM ) ---- The simple website still deliver clicks every day on autopilot without a single investment.

** the second connection with Giacomo Bruno made $110,000+ in 1 year, without paying a dime in advertising.
We built a terrific product in 2 months -- in return I got amazing  VISIBILITY in Italy starting from zero ( zero advertising! ).
My brand and my business group " Gruppo Freeperclick" are real results of the amazing connection with Giacomo.

** Build giant mailing lists of subscribers that follow you ( in some lists I have 21,000+ subscribers ).
Mailing lists are a very important factor to create excellent connections with your customers - it means THE LIFE of your business.
Remember: your success depends by connections with people.


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