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Asset will not inflate or lose value

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Francis Cassady [ Cassady Online LLC ] 


Asset Will Not Inflate Or Lose Value

I know a lot of Marketers and Affiliates spend significant time online and the struggles can go up and down.

 Ultimately, you want to be sure that when everything is said and done, you'll have an important and permanent investment  at the end of the journey. 

Karatbars can help with that. When you invest in cash gold, it's there to stay and accumulate as you continue to invest. 

Some marketers can spend a tremendous amount on affiliate marketing, or a small online business, and have very little left,when they decide to leave the Industry. 

But Cashgold will stay in an account, called a back-office, and the asset will not inflate or lose can add monthly, like a savings account, and it will only grow and appreciate.

Recall, Cashgold comes in small units of gold affixed  to a personalized card. Normally the small units are in grams.

 I hope to goodness marketers are able to succeed and make a significant profit or monthly income. Many times however, they don't make it, and can leave the Industry with very little. 

You want to make sure that you have investment that'll accrue and never lose value after you call it a day. 

Karatbars will help with that,from an affiliates perspective , which works like an MLM, in which you bring in members, or from an investors perspective,in which you accumulate Cashgold, just like a normal investor.

Remember you're not paying fees into a fund or to a financial advisor.

You are never paying a monthly fee for the "privledge" of being an affiliate. 

Everything you invest goes to important savings or retirement account. 

 Receive 100 Euro coupon code for free when joining Karatbars. 

Start your own Karatbar Biz or start an investment in Gold  the inflation proof currency, or   gold-backed KCB cryptocurrency .Take advantage of the free KCB-block-chain coin backed by gold with any profit package.

 The coin equal 100% of the purchase price,plus an additional 50 to 110% based on the package you purchase. This is a no-brainer.

Be sure to sign up for a free account or contact me directly on Facebook, WhatsApp, or email (, or call me direct 763 257-4094  

Thank you so much for visiting my IBOtoolbox site and reading my Blog, please leave a comment,I truly appreciate it. Leave your site's link. I wish you health, wealth, and wisdom.

Fran Cassady

Cassady Online LLC

Cassnethosting,, and

If you're  looking to generate an additional income or wish to get started online, I'll share with you, a simple system which is helping  people  achieve their financial goals. Please take a few minutes to see how you could benefit by clicking the links below, or click here for important information.

Karatbars distributes gold bars through affiliate marketing efforts. Become an affiliate or buy grams of gold as an investment. If you buy into an affiliate plan-called a profit package- you'll receive gratis KCB (block-chain coin backed by gold). [Go direct, don't go through my funnel]  

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I retired in network engineering from Qwest Corporation,now Century Link Corporation.I'd volunteered for two years with RSVP (retired seniors volunteer program),guardians angels retirement community,Minnesota Responds (public health volunteer),and the Elk River food shelf. I also work out in the gym,so I studied and received a NASM certification for personal training.I had a serious surgery in October of 2010 and again in September of 2011.When I was at home recuperating ,I started an online business,Cassady Online LLC, main sites are, and professional hosting and site builder. I'm a Blogger,Affiliate and Internet Marketer.