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Published on 10/18/2019 additional information available

Accompanying Free Marketing Materials

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Accompanying Free Marketing Materials 

Having said that,it’s time to look at the various affiliate products and schemes. 

The first step is to decide the type of affiliate scheme to which you'd like to join.

 Do you want to sell a digital eproduct and/or eservices? Or do you want to get into ecommerce and sell physical goods?

Most beginners opt in to sell digital products and services.

 An ebook would be the best example of an eproduct. 

An ebook can be a digital ecourse teaching how to play the guitar for example, or a video ecourse. 

There’s relatively little cost associated with production, storage or delivery of eproducts and eservices. 

The creator gets more profit as the cost of production is negligible. 

As a result,they are prepared to offer the affiliate more of the profit-from 50-80% for each sale.  

To find affiliate vendors, you need to look at affiliate networks such as JVZoo, ClickBank, Commission Junction, Warrior Special Offers,and WorldProfit. (affiliate)   (launch WSO -Warrior Special Offer)   (affiliate)     (Advertise on WorldProfit)

I've provided the URLs above , all you need to do is sign up,apply to work as an affiliate, then browse through the available digital products and services.

I also provided links through which to advertise.

 Recall there's a fee to join WorldProfit as a Silver member,as they have an experience sales team that actually talk to your leads and do some of the selling for you. 

From there, you want to choose a digital product that is making significant sales,but also eproducts can be a higher priced items,so you can earn more on each sale. 

 Think about how you’re going to market your eproduct,and how you can drive traffic to that specific offer.

 Remember what we'd talked about above,as I'd said you'd need a marketing budget to drive traffic,or be able to write articles on specific eproducts or your niche in general. 

For example, if you could play the guitar, you could write articles on playing the guitar,in order to promote a Clickbank ebook on how to play the guitar.

In the article, is where you'd embed your affiliate link to sell Clickbank's how to play the guitar ebook.

You want to make sure you find an eproduct that offers accompanying free marketing materials that the eproduct creator designed.

 Some will come with free landing pages, blog posts, email autoresponder sequences and more that you can utilize.

WorldProfit provides all the IM tools you'd ever need.

 This is another piece about WP that I'd like to emphasize, that is, it has accompanying marketing material like email and banners. 

The most significant part of the WP scheme is that it has ready made sales funnels,which you can install into your auto-responder. 

Most of the affiliate vendors have banners,emails and articles that accompany the eproducts or eservices. 

The articles however, may present a problem,as you know,Google is tuned into duplicate content.

Google will punish your site for having duplicate content. 

Promoting digital products and services means you make more money per sale. 

Contrast that with selling physical products and there’s much less that can go wrong. 

It’s the preferred scheme used by many digital marketers.

However,there are many positives to selling physical products.

Many marketers will feel more comfortable selling physical products which they can do by signing up to Amazon Associates or other eCommerce sites. 

 But another significant eCommerce platform to which I'll call to your attention :

Go to "services" pulldown and select "startup businesses".

This is an outstanding company that get results. This is a partner of mine, the online company is 

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