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Hello, my name is Spencer Taylor Jr a US Marine Veteran who served in the Marine Corps from 1984-90. I was a part of the Fleet Marine Force Marine Security Forces counter and anti-terrorist unit and the Reaction Force for Fleet Anti-terrorist Security Team

During my obligation I learned many skills, some I use in my offline ventures teaching DHS Contract Armed Security Officers. I also was the training supervisor for a company that had numerous gov`t contracts and taught my subordinates the same skills.

I currently run multiple home businesses that deliver a solution to solve the needs of potential clients. My main business allows me to help those business owners affected by the health crisis transition to online marketing helping them attract interest and generate leads. 

There are many businesses and even home businesses that have been affected by this pandemic which also allows me to sponsor those businesses that have no online presence allowing them full access to our platform choosing what they can afford during these times. 

They get complete access to our all in one online marketing platform which one can See Here I want to help as many business owners who are open and serious about the survival of their business! I also help others earn a lucrative income from home providing other tools and support.

One thing I will never do is use any hype or state I have the best! I will simply present the facts and allow my clients after their own research to decide whether it`s a great fit for their business. I`m fortunate to have learned skills from some very successful teachers! 

That education has taught me how to almost instantly detect information that is either outdated, unproven (theoretical) or just plain bad. That is a skill I recommend every home business builder learn! Another piece of advice never assume people need what you have.

This is a reason I only focus on those who are already sold on what I offer and it`s a fact based on my own experience that serious business owners don`t discount any information that has the potential to enhance their business which many home business builders constantly do. 

Another piece of advice I received from Ray Higdon is the fact that the know, like and trust factor is great when you are an influencer or at a meet and greet event. If you are one that continues to use a replicated website or salespage as your initial exposure success will be hard! 

I implore you to do your own research and I want you to ask yourself, are there any known successful marketers using the approach i`m using to earn income? I know for a fact that successful people use real marketing and advertising to build their income. 

I look forward to helping anyone who is very serious about building their business as they will have direct access to me and the other powerful tools I use. If you have any questions feel free to contact me below. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by! 

Spencer Taylor Jr.


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