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Published on 10/18/2020 additional information available

Stop Being An Amatuer Marketer If You Want To Be Truly Successful!

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Pop quiz, when an MLM company provides you with a website what is the reasoning behind doing so? Answer, so that you can continue branding the company through your marketing efforts. Most independent reps never even think about the fact that they should be branding themselves first! 

When you provide a solution via a product or service what will your customer remember most that you provided that valuable solution or the company provided it? If you use the company`s replicated site as the first introduction then they will remember the company provided the solution to their problem even though you shared the information. 

I too did the same promoting my replicated website, affiliate salespage, etc... Then I learned from a very successful online marketer who taught me and my classmates that there was no way for one to distinguish themselves as an authority figure using replicated websites! He also stated that the overhype of those products/services makes it worst. 

He went on to state what can a person who continues to use a replicated site do to help you build your business in an effective way? They can`t was his reply! What type of tools and training outside of the generic training a company may have do you possess that can help your new business partner succeed in the business? 

During my early years of promoting affiliate products with that long ugly affiliate link I came to understand that there are some very unsavory and unethical individuals in the online space that will highjack your affiliate sales and know that has happened to me as well! Now I use my own sites for everything I promote online! 

I also cloak my affiliate links to protect them too! Writing this article just reminded me of a link I have to cloak today before promoting this powerful DFY social syndication platform that has helped me rank videos too! There are too many free website builders online for one to keep using replicated websites!

Consumers have gotten much smarter these days and if they feel like you`re only trying to make a sale instead of giving true value that will solve or possibly solve their problem they will immediately leave your site and start using videos to research a product or service review. If they see a value they may buy from the one doing the review.

That means you lost a sale using amateur marketing strategies! Not only do I build my own sites for my ventures I also build sites for clients who have seen my work from other clients! These site builders are drag and drop so there`s no technical coding needed! This is your business treat it as such. 

Think of someone you know whose successful online and take a closer look at what they are doing. You won`t see them doing what you are doing which I can pretty much guarantee that statement! With everything that is going on around the world now is not the time to be treating your business like a hobby! 

To be transparent I too had to make some changes on one of my websites that never thought to do until I started writing this article and have been making the necessary changes needed to start promoting a powerful syndication platform again! There`s always a lesson to learn the question is do we implement those lessons? 

I hope you got some value from this article as it saddens me to see that the high failure rate in this industry doesn`t have to be if many would take heed and learn the proper way of promoting, marketing and advertising their business in a more professional manner! Looking forward to seeing your own created websites!!!

Spencer Taylor Jr.

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