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Published on 9/23/2020 additional information available

If You Rely On Cashapp, Paypal, Venmo & Zelle This Information Is For You!

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We have all heard the stories told by others on how Paypal either froze their account or completely deleted it because one could have been making legal transactions that just got too big or maybe the company that was paying was looked at unfavorably. 

I have seen that too! The reason Cashapp partnered with a banking institution was the fact they could generate more income using your hard earned money and now they have their own branded Cashapp debit card. With just the app they had no control. 

Another problem is when someone may need to send emergency funds to a loved one after business hours and they can`t until the next business day! I`m not going to list all of the benefits we are offering as an alternative solution but one can see it on my site! 

That is my own personal MetLCard that gives me more control of my monies and also allow me the luxury of conducting business without the hassles or fear of being shut down! Clicking on the image above will direct you to my site in a different tab. 

For those of you who may be having issues uploading images on this platform I found that by resizing my images to 217x137 that allowed me to add them to my locker. You can always enlarge the image to your specific size. 

This is also great for the small business owner where they can use these MetLCards for their employees and direct deposit their earned income right on their issued card which by the way is made out of high quality metal! 

I`m just sharing the information because I know it will make a difference in one`s life especially those who are truly open to receiving this important information! I`ve been a card carrying member since June of 2018 and have no regrets!!! 

For those who may decide to join us I have created a site that can be used to introduce others making it simple for those who may wonder how to introduce this concept to those they know! Also keep in mind a majority of people already carry these cards. 

There is no convincing anyone and you can actually share this with your friends and family members being that the video explains it all and getting their questions answered is what I`m available for! We currently have 14,374 members worldwide! 

My research also revealed an alarming stat that there are 1.7 billion adults worldwide who don`t have access to a bank account not to mention those who don`t even have an SSN number too! Many are moving into the prepaid card industry. 

My research also revealed that as well with those stating it was much easier for them to manage their monies and some even stated their accounts were shut down due to overdraft fees or some alleged fraud. 

Please share the video with everyone you know who carries a debit card, credit card or prepaid card also please like and comment on the video. I`m truly grateful to the minute few associates who continue to support and provide valuable feedback!!! 

Spencer Taylor Jr.

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