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Published on 10/11/2020 additional information available

If You Are Not Willing To Invest Stay With The Rest!

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People are squandering looking for alternative ways to earn additional income from home. We have witnessed many small businesses go out of business and along with it the loss of income by many. Many are moving into the MLM space and a majority of them are going in blind with no direction! 

They are being bombarded by many who are attempting to recruit them in their business. What type of training and tools do you have available for your new business partner or are you just telling them to plug into the company`s training and tools? What type of software tools do you have available for your new recruit? 

It seems like many are still unwilling to invest monies into their business continuing to look for free alternatives. Now don`t get me wrong, there`s nothing wrong with using free tools and resources when starting out but to continue relying on them after a fair amount of time in your business is a recipe for failure! 

If one was given a free McDonald`s franchise how long would it be before it went belly up? Would they have the mentality of knowing the work that must be put in to run that franchise? Would they invest to hire the best employees to service their hungry patrons? One must have the same type of mentality for their own home business. 

I don`t rely on just a company`s tools I make sure I have other tools and training available for my new team members and also provide team videos and websites so they wouldn`t need to rely on a replicated site that has a generic layout for all their reps! If one believes that a tool or resource is a good idea but don`t act on it are just fooling...

themselves. All i`m saying is that no successful person in the traditional world or the online space has never relied on free tools and resources! The question is what are you prepared to do? Being an online marketer takes more than just posting on social media! many don`t understand what it truly mean to market their business online. 

Let`s take a look at some of the things one will need to market online 1. Their own website! Why, because you have more control of the content and layout of your website. 2. A website builder that will allow you to build multiple sites for split testing. 3, A social marketing strategy that will allow you to share valued content to others. 

4. A CRM that will allow you to segment your leads into the proper list which major companies do. 5. Email & Autoresponder for your email campaigns which newsletters are a great way to keep your list informed with valued content. 6. SEO search engine optimization which your system should have included. 

7. Real Advertising, not TE`s and all these other such platforms you`ll never see the successful people advertise on. 8. Along with advertising one should also be using a retargeting strategy keeping their information in front of your potential clients. 9. A Blog with daily valued content for your visitors and that will help your SEO too! 

10. Advanced Targeting based on gender and age. 11. The most important key Analytics! One must have the right data which will allow them to scale their business! Those are some of the things one need to effectively market their business online and I provide this system to business owners along with DFY online marketing campaigns for...

network marketers that`s powered with a machine learning AI! Our whole system is powered by a machine learning AI. Now you are informed on what tools and resources one needs to market their business online and if your business is not online you may find your business going out of business! 

This is going to help a lot of network marketers who don`t have the tools necessary to effectively promote, market and advertise their MLM business! Oh, and if you were wondering how much this would cost just $19 per month! If anyone has any questions I have the answers! May your week be a great WEEK!!!

Spencer Taylor Jr.

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