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Published on 10/14/2020 additional information available

Helping Network Marketers Market Their Business Online!

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What has been some of the major problems for network marketers? Getting more exposure in the online space, getting more eyeballs on their products and or services, building an awareness/brand on social media, no premium advertising with retargeting and no ownership of their own website just to name a few. 

These MLM companies will always provide a replicated website for their reps or distributors knowing they really don`t have to put in any work being the site is just a replicated corporate site with the difference from one rep to another being their name and contact information that`s it. Remember you`re branding that company not you! 

If you and 100,000 other reps are sharing the same informational website how can your potential customer distinguish between your site and another rep that may have presented the same site a few days earlier? They can`t! That`s why it`s important for you to own your own website which allows you to brand yourself and not the company. 

What would pay for your ideal DFY online marketing campaign powered by a machine learning AI? Now imagine that system including social marketing, email/autoresponder, website builder, SEO, CRM, analytics, your own blog and an online ad with retargeting at no extra cost to you. What would you say is a fair price? 

Keep in mind the most successful network marketers do not I repeat do not rely on a company`s replicated website or their basic marketing tools! Were not just helping small business owners with their online marketing but also those who are building a home business via the MLM industry. 

One also cannot consider themselves an online marketer without having those tools listed above because once again the most successful online marketers also utilize those tools for their online business. We understand that the high failure rate for home business is via the MLM industry and that`s why we are creating these campaigns for MLM reps! 

Now earlier in this article I asked what would be ideal price for your own DFY online marketing campaign powered by a machine learning AI? How about $19 per month that`s right that isn`t a typo! $19 per month and you get all of those features listed above! My question is how serious are you about building your business online? 

While many are continuing attempting to recruit new team members into their MLM business I simply state I`m not looking to recruit you into my business I`m simply providing a solution that will allow you to build an successful business with me giving you all the support you need and as a bonus access to all my training and tools no cost!!! 


Spencer Taylor Jr.

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