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Published on 9/25/2020 additional information available

Creating AI Powered DFY Online Marketing Campaigns For 100`s Of Network Marketing Companies!

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This COVID virus has disrupted a lot of people`s income especially those who either didn`t want to or refused to take their business into the online space. Marketing your business online can be complicated and frightening for some. 

We decided why not do something in the industry that could help those especially in the Network Marketing space by creating done for you online marketing campaigns for 100`s and even 1,000`s of network marketing companies all powered by our AI software! 

Here`s a look at one of the one of the online marketing campaigns for the company Tradera which I`m using this to market to those independent reps that are active or inactive looking for an edge that will allow them to effective market their business! 

I know this is another game changer in the industry giving one more control with an AI powered machine learning software that will optimize their Site, SEO, Analytics, Social Marketing, Emails, etc... Price is definitely affordable at $19 per month. 

Imagine if your business team had an effective and proven method of marketing their business online how would that affect everyone`s income potential in a positive way? Imagine you introducing this to your team as a leader! 

Creating solutions that will increase one`s odds of success is what this is all about! Whether you see a value or not I know someone will see this as a value especially when it can help them bring more awareness to their brand, service or products in the online space. 

I want to help make a big dent into the failure rate and the only way that can happen is by sharing those proven methods the most successful entrepreneurs are using! Not the unproven, outdated or theoretical strategies one continues to use. 


Spencer Taylor Jr.

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