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Published on 8/13/2020 additional information available

Building A Team Site & Providing An Alternative Solution To One`s Needs!

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Before I get started is anyone else having a problem loading images? I spent roughly 10 minutes trying to save some of the new MetLCard images but kept getting an error message staying below their parameters. I`m glad I don`t subscribe to anything on here being they have some work to do! 

I decided that all my exclusive club members with Ztegrity needed something other than the replicated site which isn`t bad but wanted to give them something different since I too have my own site which I share to consumers worldwide! This site is for all on my team whether I sponsored them or not. 

I see a lot of IBO`s talking about separating themselves from the crowd but still continue to do the same thing they stated they weren`t going to do. I wanted my team to have an alternative site to share with their potential card members! Knowing via my research there are 1.7 billion adults with no bank account! 

There are many who don`t have an SSN and the list goes on and on. Many are unaware that the banks use the waive fees strategy to get consumers to swipe away not knowing the banks get a piece of the interchange rate every time you swipe your cards to purchase items. 

Yes, your cards are designed to generate income for the banks not you! Our strategy is simple, show people how they can generate direct & passive income for themselves not the banks Using our high end metal debit card that can rival any high end credit card you want to compare it to! 

Not only do we provide accounts to fit one`s needs we also have a Forex savings account that allows one to put their money to work! You know it`s not about how much you make but how much you keep! Think about it, how many people you know right now carry a credit, debit or prepaid card? 

The banks use your money to trade the Forex and Stock Markets, loan your money to those who need a home, car, home improvement, personal, collateral, boat loan, etc... Now tell me what type of ROI did you receive from the bank? We all can guess what the answer is. 

The image above is just one of the of the customization one can have on their card. Make no mistake the Debit Card Revolution has begun whether people decide to join or not spreading this information will continue! I`m here to present the facts which one can do their own research on. 

This is also a great way for one to keep track of their business income and expenses separated from your personal account. For parents having children going off to college where they could transfer monies to that card instead of giving authorization for them to use their credit card, etc...

The image above is one of two cards I own and I also have the team site I created attached to this image. These cards also fuction like a secured credit card and can hold up to $100,000 giving one 85% to 90% more purchasing power. 7 different banking options are offered to our card members! 

You want to set up an account to pay your staff? We can help with that! Want one for your business? We can help with that! Need an international card? We can help with that too! When you can provide multiple options that provide one with the value they are looking for they will never forget you! 

Many people are seeking alternative solutions to earning additional or income from home since many do not have a job to return to due to some businesses being forced to shut down. Some have even had their wages cut by 50% especially those whose hours have been cut! 

Let us all do the best to our ability to provide them with the best and valued solutions we can share! Present facts not overhype, not unproven methods, not outdated strategies and materials and especially not something just to make a buck! Be genuine don`t pretend to be genuine! 

Spencer Taylor Jr.

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