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Published on 8/6/2020 additional information available

Beware Of The 4 Horsemen Of The Affiliate & MLM Industry!

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I`m sure you are all aware of what is happening in the industry. What these 4 horsemen do is that they ride in to town not bringing war, conquest, death and famine but the occasional spamming your inbox, pie in the sky pitches or that infamous get rich quick mentality. 

Many are stating and promoting multiple things yet few are actually showing you what they are talking about which is very simple by recording a quick walkthrough video. How does one expect someone to join or purchase their product or services without any idea of what to expect? 

I`m not afraid to speak up or speak out on things that either don`t make sense or can be harmful to others and what`s the point in being in business for yourself if you are unwilling to do so? You cannot state that information received is a benefit to you when you`re unwilling to implement that info! 

The video above was created for my team to use in promoting and marketing the information about our Z Black Card and the benefits of why one should consider investing in one, not try to convince them they should get one! Information presented can be researched online by others. 

Have you created videos for your team members to use? How about software tools that they can utilize for their business? Have you given your customers something of value as a thank you gift? Many of you don`t talk about these important things but non the less you should. 

Here are some facts that I do know! One, your debit cards generate income for the banks not you, second your money sitting in your saving`s account is not working for you! These are undisputed facts that you can research yourself. Do you believe one with the right mindset will allow that to continue? 

Let`s dig further to see why banks like those prepaid cards. Prepaid cards have become a money making machine for the banks and they are exempt from pro-consumer Credit Card Act of 2010 meaning they can charge whatever fees they see fit. You may not have to pay any POS transaction fees but the banks...

still get a slice of the interchange fees from everyone and every time they swipe their cards! Not to mention they use your hard earned money to make a lot of money and give you no return on your monetary investment! Besides the cards serve as a gateway for customers who operate outside the banking mainstream!

The reason your bank issues you a VISA debit card is because it`s unlimited on the amount of money one can have access to but let`s be real, how many of your average working class will have access to 10`s of thousands on monies at one time? Visa card cost the banks more money to maintain than Master Cards.

Your average Master Card can only hold $10,000 to $15,000 at any one time. A Z Black Card Master Card can hold up to $100,000 at any one time allowing one to have 85% to 90% more purchasing power! Also generate direct and passive monthly income along with perks that rival top end credit cards! 

Whether you take heed or not these are the facts! You are more than welcome to do your own research by all means be my guest. Someone you know may eventually share this powerful card with you. If these facts make sense to you welcome aboard, if it doesn`t thanks for stopping by! 

You can also review some of the information from my research here! This is just 1 of 1,000`s of sites with this type of information. There you have it, you can continue generating money for the banks and letting them put your hard earned money to work or you can take control and help others generate income!

Spencer Taylor Jr. 

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