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Published on 3/19/2018 additional information available

Mind Maps - Creative Thinking ...

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Mind Mapping encourages one to “draw” their internal thought processes, that is, think visually.

This is the way our brains are designed – to think and memorize!

Mind Maps has unlocked creativity, improved memory and enabled effective note-taking – for millions of people across the globe. It is often referred to as the "Swiss army knife for the brain".

It is easy to learn and has been used for business, personal-use and education – Weekly Tasks is an example that can be used for just about anything.

Weekly Tasks

While studying at University, Tony Buzan was faced with the normal challenges many students experience such as increasing workloads and reading, memorizing large volumes of material for exams, problem solving, analysis an writing.

The realization that approaching these challenges with the normal method of "studying harder" and "making more notes" wasn't helping but was actually hindering performance inspired Tony to explore this field in more depth and study Psychology.

Tony learned how the human brain functioned which lead to the development of a tool that worked in harmony with our brain's natural abilities. A tool that could be applied to all cognitive functions, especially memory, creativity, learning and thinking.

When lecturing on the theory of memory and how we recall information, it became apparent that all the notes Tony Buzan's students were taking were not congruent with the principles he was teaching.

Research proved that using elements such as colour, imagery, associations and repetition helped us to remember information more easily.

It seems quite comical when you think about it that most people around the world are taught to make notes in a perfect way for their brain to forget. Using a single colour pen to capture large sentences in a linear flow. What we are actually doing is helping our brains to go to sleep.

This key insight with the sound logic of memory laws helped to accelerate a new form of note taking that utilized and adopted key principles of memory and learning.

Mind Mapping is an extremely powerful tool not just for note-taking but creative thinking!

Would love to engage with you into creative thinking pursuits – I am just a few clicks away.

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