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Published on 4/7/2018 additional information available

Floreant Dendritae ... (you've gotta read to the end) ...

# MindMap
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Use Your Head ....


“The human brain does not think in toolbars and menu-lists; it thinks organically like all natural forms, like the human body's circulatory and nervous system, or the branches of a tree and veins in a leaf. That's how the brain thinks. To think well, it needs the tool that reflects that natural organic flow. The Mind Map is that tool” - Tony Buzan


One can use Mind Map to: Plan Presentations, Manage Teams, Managing personal time , Negotiations, Leadership, Idea generation , Strategic thinking, Sales & Marketing, Minute taking at meetings.

Planning Your Business Day: Walking into the office on a Monday, you are already performing mental gymnastics trying to figure out how you'll get through your task list for the week, only to be confronted by twenty equally urgent and demanding emails, messages and the phone ringing off the hook. There simply isn't enough time in the day to achieve half of what you need to get done.

Does this sound familiar? “Planning Your Day” using Mind Map would be a simple and effective way – allocating tasks, deadlines and priorities.

Drawing a five-minute Mind Map about the day ahead will save you much wasted time later on. It allows you to view and review your tasks – what you need to prioritize according to deadlines, and what you can realistically achieve against what is not viable in the timescale.

You can hand-draw your Mind Map or create a reusable template using Mind Mapping software, whichever method suits you best.

Seeing it all laid out also helps you get a picture of what is the 'fluff'' (stuff you spend ages doing but won't actually make much impact), against what needs to be done to achieve the result you want. You can also pinpoint the actions, people and resources you need to make each task happen.

From your central-image you can create branches for different periods of the day, or people you need to contact, or specific tasks that need to be done, other deadlines, etc.

As the Mind Map builds up, you see your workload objectively – what's important and what's not – and create more associations.

Avoid ruled-paper.


Floreant Dendritae - may your brain cells flourish !

I would love to enable your brain cells to flourish ... I am just a few clicks away ...

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