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Published on 11/26/2021 additional information available

More Details Now Available On Shires Law Website Regarding Different Types of Hairdressing Claims

#hairdressing claims

A visit to the hair salon can quickly turn into a nightmare if the hairdresser or stylist makes a mistake – and it can have disastrous and long-term consequences indeed. But there is one law firm that has always made it a point to stand by its clients when they seek compensation for hair damage, and Shires Law promises to be the best ally for the victims of such situations. Today, the law firm offers more details on the different types of hairdressing claims for which clients can seek compensation, and it provides info about the entire process and what clients can do to strengthen their case.  

UNITED KINGDOM, 2021 – There are thousands upon thousands of people in the United Kingdom who are faced with a hairdressing injury each year, and many of these individuals decide not to speak up and seek assistance for fear that they cannot find the right ally in their claim. But Shires Law seeks to change all this with its extensive personal injury services, and in fact, it has already helped a good number of clients get the compensation they deserve.

Shires Law has full knowledge of personal injury law and how it works in the UK, and it has already been a solid partner of those seeking claims for personal injury from road accidents, workplace accidents, industrial accidents, holiday accidents, and cosmetic accidents and injuries. Speaking of cosmetic accidents, a vast number of individuals suffer in silence due to a hairdressing injury - but it doesn’t have to be this way if one decides to get guidance from Shires Law.

In fact, Shires Law has just provided new details on the different types of hairdressing claims clients can seek compensation for, and these include hair dye, overlapping hair dye, hair perming and straightening, and hair extension claims, amongst others. Shires Law confirms that they can take on a case on a No Win, No Fee arrangement, which means that they don’t have to charge a client if they don’t receive compensation. Along with this, Shires Law provides details on how clients can make their case stronger, such as taking photographs of the damage, keeping receipts and hair samples, and noting down the details of their treatment.

About the company: Shires Law has always been one of the most respected and reliable personal injury law firms in the UK, and its expertise stretches to a wide variety of personal injury claims involving road traffic accidents, accidents in the workplace and industrial disease compensation, accidents on holiday and serious injuries, and more. It also offers its unique skill and experience for those who would like assistance for their hairdressing claims, and for the best information on how the law firm can be of service, check the website today.  

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