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Published on 11/19/2019 additional information available

Where most people see lemons, I see lemonade

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Hey how you doing?

Firstly I want to thank those that have congratulated me for FMOTD which

I only just discovered and please feel welocme to grab my free gift below.

Just a quick update today and a few things that have crossed my mind recently.

We live in a world where people are getting are dependent on that "Instant mentality"

We Got Instant Coffee, Instant Tea, Instant Noodles, Instant Custard and we even rely on

gadgets that give us Instant results like Microwaves for example..

Sometimes I think that these things have helped to weaken the mentality that people have

in general. Even our so called "social media platforms" that people have become dependent

on have totally ruined the art of communication, I mean come on there is whole bunch of

people that think Instant messagenger bots are the way to build an effective business and I

am not denying that certain AI can be a help but it will never replace the fact that...


Now I don't know about you but I know there is a large amount of people that will whisper

all the nice pretty things that you want to hear just to stroke that ego and to be quite frank more

often than not that is "poisen".

Sometimes what is needed is a slap around the face from a friend and that is medicine.

Okay why the serious tone Clive?

Well to be honest I've been observing a lot of people's behaviour traits recently and their mindsets.

Too many people come into the world of creating an income online expecting or wanting

overnight results instead of actually working on the skill sets to get those results.

They think life has given them a bad deal when really they are simply lost been busy been busy

and tey will always look for an excuse to why they are failing insttead of gravitating towards

the people they see getting results and actually asking "What is working for you" and dropping that

ego. Hell yes I relate because in the past I have shared that mentality at certain down times in my life

and that mindset nothing happened!

Now over the last 48 hours "my adds up" a program Ive done press releases on,  offered a crazy

additional opportunity and to be honest and complety open with you, I was not to happy that I did not really get the chance to tell my team before this went out and what followed was a stampede of people jumping in and yes I felt it could have been more organized.

No point crying now though and after giving it thought I finally stopped seeing lemons and saw lemonade but then deep down I know I work hard and focus on bettering my skills every day because I will never be satisfied ever been average and my desire is to be the best me that I can and one thing

I won't allow myself to do is go around in vicious circles repeating the same mistakes or making up excuses..

I'm putting this out there because my head is one of an entrepreneur and I have had to get with people far better than me to get this mindset, I am no guru im just the everyday guy with a real passion to win.

So Im laughing right now because M2M donations has just triggered of a funnel that I am about to create. It costs 0.002 in bitcoin to buy in. Right now that is $16 and I brought two positions which this video link right here explains briefly..

Here is the stupid part the team puts you in a forced matrix and places three people underneath you so later down the line without any effort you break even anyway and as that builds further you start getting those "Instant commissions" paid back to your account automaitically. How ever I didnt rely on that, because I have built my skills I personally brought in my three first members myself and I will get the additional three as a bonus and even better the profits that my team make from this they can invest into "MY ADS UP and leverage their profits even more!

HELLO, my only question right now would be are you going to buy the one postion for a measley $16 or are you going to be a bit smarter like the three who followed my example and get the 2 for $34 and then are you going to reach out to me and ask what is working for me and then I will show you..

Or are you going to sit there crying looking at a bunch of lemons or get your entreprenur ship mentality head on and get with me so we can start working on those skills of yours and then creating the life style that you really want.

It's up to you what you do but I will ask you politly... If my straight talk offends you and you think that someone is going to sprinkle angel dust on your head and the world all of a sudden is going to become a better place, can you please unassociate with me now.

If you want to learn how to recruit at least 5 people into your business over the next month or even 3 then you will learn that skill if you get with me but don't expect to hear what you want to hear 24 hours a day and grow some thick skin because in my world.

"Loser's let things happen and Winners make things happen. Which one are you?

You have 72 hours to check this out and then the opportunity is gone.

Register and account here read how it works and remember the company places three people under you and I have your back too because if I help you to succeed we all do. I'm not sitting here thinking

of all the moolah I can make, I'm working on how much value I can share with you..

Catch you soon

Clive Martin

The Saxtrepreneur

PS THIS is my totally free gift here which will help you to build your audience on Instagram.

It is non techie and takes 60 seconds. You have the option to upgrade which would open you up to receiveing future commissions, It's titally your choice.

Want to connect on Facebook my main platform? just click my image below.

Enjoy your day RockStar!

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