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How to make Money as a Karatbars Affiliate marketer.

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There are two payment systems that work simultaneously.

You can make commissions on sales with the uni level part on the compensation plan without buying some sort of membership package.

However, you will lose out on the great commissions associated while using duel system.

The purchase of the membership package “unlocks” the dual system for you personally.

You need to purchase a package whenever you can and that you find the most expensive package you are able to afford.

This will maximize your commissions inside the dual system.

Let’s take a review of how the dual system operates.

Say you sponsored a member on top left and a member on top right.

Every time you sponsor someone, you will receive some sort of “package bonus” The level of this bonus depends on the package you own and on the package those purchases eg,

If you Bought a VIP package and you sponsor someone who also tends to buy a VIP package, your package bonus are going to be around $400!

It is also possible to earn what is called a “Dual System” or “Cycle” bonus.

This bonus will be based upon “Units” Every purchase that may be made by your team adds units on your dual system.

These can be sales of products as well as sales of membership packages like,

The sale of membership packages generates units as follows: Bronze Package: 5 units, Silver precious metal Package: 20 units, Gold Offer: 50 units, VIP Package: 100 items.

Every time you accumulate 50 units available as one side and 25 units on the other side, the dual system will “cycle” and you'll receive a bonus.

This bonus is determined by the membership package you maintain.

A cycle pays approximately $13, $51, $77, or $102 based on what package you hold.

The Key to making a lot of cash from the duel system should be to sponsor just 2 people and then help member sponsor just 2 people each and so on.

So how hard is it to sponsor just 2 folks,

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