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Published on 2/10/2021 additional information available

All-In-One Media Marketing Community

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VidMedley is a media sharing community platform - in essence it looks and feels like YouTube, but it has got so much more going on with the ability to share 3 types of media Video, Audio and Image. It is a complete content creating Media Marketing platform.

VidMedley was created for a number of reasons, but the number one reason was to give people a fair and even playing field to be a content creator and provide them with all the tools they need to be successful and earn money online.

What makes VidMedley special?

At VidMedley you can import Videos from other video sites (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion to name just a few). You can also upload Videos and we will host them for you. This in reality will build your brand on several Video platforms from one location.

However, we also have 2 other types of media that you can upload or import from other sites: Audio (from sites like Soundcloud) and Images.

The beauty here is that each type of media has it's own trending sections and gets just as much attention as the other two. This will give you 3 points of entry to your channel, ultimately helping you grow your subscribers across all platforms.

We also use our own in-house advertising through our sister program ShareMyAds (SMA) is a banner exchange, which means all members, even non-creators can leverage the power of Videos, Audio and Images by promoting right over the top of them for free.

Another neat feature is we let you promote your Videos anywhere. That's right, you may get views from Traffic Exchanges, Autosurfs, PTPs, Rotators, Pop-ups, what ever you like. You can promote your media any way you like.

Plus we have a number of other awesome features that make us stand out.

Can you Make Money with VidMedley?

You can indeed make money from VidMedley. It is not at all hard, You can promote products in your videos and from your channel, using affiliate marketing. We also use our own banner advertising service ShareMyAds so you can leverage not just your own videos, but media of other people as well for free, in turn potentially earning you income online.

So why Is VidMedley Worth Your Time?

  • Build your brand or business across multiple platforms for free
  • Advertise for free, not just on VidMedley, but on a very large network of websites
  • Fair Even Platform Designed By A Content Creator For Content Creators
  • Free Community Driven Content Creator Community Platform.
  • Not Saturated with Low Competition; Crush Your Niche and Dominate With Ease.
  • Make money online
  • Centralize and viralize your current Videos, Audio files and Images.

And so much more.

Join VidMedley today and start reaping the rewards of this new media sharing platform designed for content creators and everyday people.

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