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Published on 3/29/2020 additional information available

Affiliate Marketing - A Worthy Income Stream During The Global Pandemic

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The world is in turmoil at the moment. You know what impact Coronavirus has on the world today. Lockdown means no work for many or many people have been laid off. 

If you are looking at an additional income stream then affiliate marketing must be something you might want to take a look at and here’s why.

Easy to get started

You usually just have to get registered. Once you are registered you will automatically be assigned an affiliate link which you can immediately use to promote.

There is no stock to handle

Unlike some brick and mortar businesses, you normally do not have to handle any stock

No expertise or university degree required to start

Pretty much anyone with an interest in improving their circumstances can get started with affiliate marketing.

You don’t require any previous experience to get started and neither do you need to have a qualification. 

Many digital products or courses

At a time where many are struggling financially due to the pandemic, a way round this is to promote digital products that do not require any shipping and can be downloaded instantly.

Earn Residual Income

You wouldn’t earn residual income in a traditional business unless you are a musician. So if you choose your products wisely, you could be promoting an opportunity that pays you every month for something you only did once.

100% Instant commissions

I also like programs that money into your Paypal or Stripe immediately and offer 100% commissions

Make money on autopilot

Affiliate marketing allows you to make money on autopilot 24/7 when you have proper systems in place.

How to get started

Most people will probably just get started with no training. I don’t advise it. Years ago you could probably just take an affiliate link, promote it and start making money.

These days, you need to have a bit of background knowledge before you get started. Just because we live in a fast paced world with things constantly evolving.

And besides applied knowledge is power and gives you a competitive edge over the competition because it shortens the learning and success curve.

Here is a free course that explains affiliate marketing in more detail and how you can get started.

Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay 

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