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Published on 12/1/2020 additional information available

Energy Medicine


 Energy Medicine

The work of Bioenergetics and Energy Medicine is the study and application of various modalities to manage the energy within our system for purposes of improving the health of the human system. Without the use of drugs, radiation or surgical procedures, it seeks to normalize the body’s natural frequencies and communication systems so it can heal as it was innately designed to do.

One of the most effective tools used in Energy Medicine is Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique or B.E.S.T. It is a methodical technology for accessing and releasing unresolved subconscious memory patterns in the body and re-establishing the natural flow of energy required for self-sustaining health.

It uses neuromuscular pressure point therapies and simultaneous mental focus on specific emotional states within the patient’s focus to redirect energy flow to areas that have been left out of the body’s natural checks and balances system after an overriding pattern of stored upset has been established.

For example: When one is angry, there is a certain pattern of energy flow that is generated in the body. Certain muscles get tense, organs activate, others shut down and become ignored. Once the anger is resolved, the pattern goes back to neutral. If one is afraid, different patterns get established in the body and once the fear is resolved the energy flow returns to neutral again. And so on.

If, however, the pattern never gets resolved because the subconscious has retained the issues at hand, then the body is never allowed to return to neutral. When this happens, systems that were designed for actual emergencies begin to run non-stop and the body exhausts, likely causing disease.

With the release of these binding patterns of energy flow using the B.E.S.T. technique, a person begins to heal naturally. Issues that are physical, mental or emotional begin to resolve and restrictions in job performance, physical health and vitality as well as mental clarity, emotional intimacy and well-being are resolved.

Bio-Energetic medicine and techniques such as B.E.S.T. can be self-administered and can take only minutes to perform, changing one’s life in only a few minutes a day.

There are many other Energy Medicine techniques that can be employed to assist the body in returning to its natural frequency and energy flow as well. Vibrational toning through external means such as listening to specific music, as well as intentional toning through voice or the sounding of various frequencies, can also release contracted patterns of defensive physiology stored in the body.

The release acquired through sound frequency or removing subconscious interference within the body can result in energies rising to consciousness that have been stored during the overwhelming shut-down during the original emotional upset. As they do, an individual with this subconscious override now becomes aware of the energy of emotion and can experience great relief from issues that have been stored in the body and may have been affecting them on every level of their lives for years, decades or even their entire lifetime.

Considering the mature human body is comprised of 70% water (as is our planet), the fact that the molecular structure of water can be affected by words, thoughts and sound verify the powerful relationship that various vibrations have on our physical bodies and the environment around us.

When it comes to the health of our physical bodies, our organs and glands such as the brain, lungs, pancreas and more are comprised of fluids and are directly affected by the vibrational frequencies generated by the thoughts we think, intentions we have and the physical environment we experience.

We are learning, and science is proving, that everything in life is comprised of energy vibrating at various frequencies.

Our vibrational environment affects our reality, and we have the power to affect our environment.

When we embrace vibrational healing and Energy Medicine, we truly become an active participant in our own health and well-being and embrace the true creatorship of our lives.

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