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Published on 10/28/2020 additional information available

Shopping For Deals Online The Big Boys Square Up Which One Wins We Wonder

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A Live Education.It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This.

Amazing what one discovers when one is not looking. Or when its hiding in the body of the text and can be easily missed. Which if you are by nature inquisitive makes you start to think is that coincidence (which do not believe in) or is it deliberate so that no one can accuse that it has not been put out there. What am I talking about now read on!!;

Google has started placing the spotlight on the according to them the greatest shopping deals around. Coupled with a series of updates it is of course offering promotions, unearth new insights and luring in new customers. It is also adding these to the free shopping listings it introduced in the earlier parts of this year.

Unfortunately for all others this is for only the lucky retailers in the US.

There are a whole load of enhancements where previously one had to apply and wait many days to be approved. That has been reduced to a mere formality of hours and the center running all this allows for changes or edits to be made automatically. So say you wanted to introduce a sale or place new products etc. it can be done instantaneously.

Another benefit addition is your goods are going to show up in more places on Google namely:

> Google Shopping Free Listings
> Google Shopping Ads
>Search Results Local Inventory Ads
> Google Images ( mobile only)

Does anyone else see the issue that has caused no reply from them on these end of year roll outs from a previous article of mine or is it just me? (Please leave your answers for the comments section below).

Deals are apparently going to be easier to find as a new filter is being added to have a sale tab on both desk top and mobile this time.

This will include products that are on sale within all google listings whether in or out in this new drive and in fact open to everyone across all retailers in the US whether they use Google or not to participate in!! Even more enticing is that a search will identify the retailer holding the product without a need to go into the description.

The reporting side on metrics and analysis will be rolled out next month!!

It has been traditional for me to give out early Christmas presents with another proper set at Christmas so here are some interesting statistics that you may find useful!!;

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Your thoughts and views will be interesting on this one!!; As always please leave in the comments section below and let the fun begin!!

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