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Published on 12/3/2019 additional information available

How To Be Healthy, Happy & Beautiful?


      What Does It Mean To Be Healthy To You?

For me, healthy means you are sound physically, mentally and emotionally having a positive perspective in life. You are optimistic. You know how to look after yourself in and out, motivated to practice personal hygiene, have an active routine, exercising, eating healthy, enjoying healthy relationship with your loved ones, not bitter and miserable and above all, believing that there is Sovereign God up there who is the true source of your love and joy making your world go round.

Some of us doesn’t acknowledge that there is God who is so gracious and merciful, and no matter how we fail, how we’ve fallen short of His glory, if we come to Him and sincerely ask for forgiveness, He is merciful and just to forgive us our trespasses without a doubt .

How Do You Measure Happiness?

Happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can’t help but smile. It’s a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. You feel happy if things go the way you expected or even more. Happiness  can be achieved by acquiring lovely things, but Joy comes from within you. It’s the fruit of being contented of who you are, what you have and what you can.The joy that no difficult circumstances could take away from you. It is one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit if you’ve received Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

So Happiness and joy varies. You may be laughing from the outside because you are entertained or being blessed, but if the joy inside you is missing, you feel that boredom when you’re already alone and no one is causing you to laugh anymore. So stay joyful from within and it will be reflected from the outside.

How Is Spirituality Related To Being Healthy?

There is a big difference between believing in God and not with regard to our over all health and happiness. According to my experience, People who believe and trust God tends to be proactive rather than reactive. They knew, God is working with them, in them and for them. They have faith in Him and when being attack with problems, persecutions and the like, they are less likely to be miserable and unable because they are fed with encouraging and faith building words of God. Entrusting all to Him and they are being assured that whatever happens, they know that God is in control and He is working in their behalf.

As a result, they tend to be more vibrant, active and confident in everything that they do rather than those who are unbelievers and seeing no more hope when dragged to difficulties and frustrations.

Not always the case though, because there are believers as well who are frail and easily get stumbled. This might probably base upon their level of intimacy with God, their faith and trust.

Spiritually healthy is not everything! Of course! It helps a lot in our own perspective in life, but your daily eating habit counts a lot. If you are knowledgeable of what you are eating, drinking, which foods to be taken more or less, you know what to avoid, then you are in the right track to becoming the healthiest you. Taking food supplements are as well very helpful if you are not a voracious eater. Also, juicing with a combination of fruits and vegetables could be a very good remedy if you wanna take a bulk of good stuff in just one go. I do that more often if I feel like going into a healthier diet. I bought a juicer and every time I am motivated to just drink my food which is healthier and easier to digest, I just pick random vegetables or sometimes follow my guide and there you go, juice your food for a healthier radiant you.

You see, all these contribute to our over all well- being because if you are happy in and out, chances are you are healthy, interactive, more friends, loving and compassionate, always happy and smiley and therefore, wrinkles doesn’t exist or if there are, surely not as much as the rest because you know that someone is behind you and before you.

Action Steps To A Healthy, Happy & Beautiful

In order to be healthy, happy and beautiful inside and out, engage in all these aspects of life ;

1. Be in good relationship with yourself– having a very positive outlook in life and affirmations of you. Believe yourself. Bring out the best of you- your real beauty in and out.

2. Be mindful and thoughtful of your loved ones. Connect with them and deepen your relationship with them. Lovely and caring showing high respect and spending quality time if you can.

3. Never stop learning. Keep improving yourself and if you can, learn new things. Explore.

4. Be financially healthy. Learn to manage your finances. Create more cash flow, and if possible, let your money work for you and not you work for money forever.

More often, if someone is lacking in this aspect, chances are, feeling miserable, problematic and unmotivated.

5. Find a way to serve. Be engaging whether within your family, inside the community, or in the Church- do voluntary services in this way you will feel valuable and productive .

6. Think Positive- thinking positive and having a very good outlook in life makes your life so much exciting and worth living why? Because it is so difficult to live if you are miserable every day, seeing no hope for the future, no motivation to get up morning by morning and find way to be productive and engaging. You seem not knowing your purpose why you exist, why you’re here on earth and where you are going. But If your view for your life is so purposeful, everyday you get up so much motivated, excited, and kind of so grateful for another day and expecting again to enjoy that day doing what you are passionate about and looking to be accomplishing great task in contribution to what you are here for. There are a lot to look forward if your mind is focused on the good thing despite the occurrences of inevitable circumstances sometimes.

7. Be Grateful no matter what your situation is, no matter what happen whether being blessed or not, always give thanks to the Father above. Grateful people are happy people.

All Of These Could Contribute To Our Overall Health, Happiness And Beauty


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