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Published on 10/28/2020 additional information available

Affiliate Network Marketing Gets You There Faster And In Style Only Not Usually Easy

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Have I got a topic for you this Sunday!! You better not only get a coffee for this one but curl up on the sofa it's not a long read but a certainly a value one!!
Are you ready then let's begin.......

When you hear affiliate marketing you would be forgiven for an influencer on social media like Instagram sharing a discount for their favorite on the go coffee cup in a post. You buy it, and they get a small commission for the sale through their ID link.

It also gets lots of coverage on other social media platforms such as Twitter. However, beyond that it is not discussed in business circles as there are other marketing tactics.

Well it should be and after you read this it may just be you putting them straight. According to Statista affiliate marketing hit $5.4 billion 2017 with an extrapolated projection of hitting $8.2 billion in 2022!!

Is that a massive potential to further your business sales and exposure as by my calculation that is a 34% increase, and we are in the last quarter to move in 2022!!

Partnerships create an opportunity for you to reach audiences who are most likely to want your product ant at the same advertise that product through someone who has an interest in whether their audience buys.

In the world of the influencer marketing the company pays for the post or service that the influencer promotion, and they already know there is more where that came from when their audience does not buy. This is a surefire way to ensure quality content either through back links with your blog or through influencer posts or brand partnerships. So how do we do this?

Well if you know where the perfect influencers are and that complement your brand then pitch to them. This is best done through 'add-ons' you normally pay flat rates for them to post about your product. There is the additional opportunity with micro influencers to pay them through product freebies. This combination enticement is normally enough for smaller influencers to come on board with little or no cost to you

Take every opportunity to go into partnerships with brands as there are tremendous synergies to exploit especially that the brand's audience provides the traffic while your sales earn the commission.

There are back link opportunities so concentrate on those. Think laterally and go beyond the thinking of what the influencers can do on social media but where else are their audiences are devouring their content. This is made easier because there is no promotion so is a prime way to partner with influencers who are purely content creators who are concentrating on back links.

Want this type of targeted exposure then go get it!! ;

Come and join us at Wealthy Affiliate and get tuition in easy to learn in structured block form that will help you to establish and build your business with augmentation through an online presence by building a website to help you grow your business in the company of an awesome friendly community who is knowledgeable and experienced and rooting and supporting you to succeed. If that is not enough you get additional goodies such as a 7-day FREE trial for you to assess for yourself it's
suitability to your needs and there is no pressure whatsoever you make
Your own decision in line with your findings.

As will always appreciate your thoughts and vies you must have them on information such as this surely. I have also held some choice pieces of information come and get it through your questions to me. You know you want to place them in the comments section below and eager to give them to you look forward to answering your intrigue!!;

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