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Published on 12/3/2019 additional information available

3 Mistakes To Avoid In Affiliate Marketing-(Part:1)


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Of course there are many mistakes that one can make in Affiliate Marketing, but I decided to highlight the top three in my opinion. 

They are all in one way or another time wasters if not done correctly. Time is our most valuable asset. Therefore, it is worth avoiding making these common mistakes.

Failure To Select An Appropriate Niche

This is a crucial way to make your presence known online. It is easy to mess this up by selecting a niche that is too broad or has a lot of competition. The idea is to give yourself a winning chance to attract people interested in what you are offering.

Just think about it this way. You can either select a very popular niche and face competition with the big guys. OR select something less popular and attract people because they are less served by the big guys who are mainly after big fish. And when the smaller fish are searching for bait, guess who pops up. You! 

You will save a boat load of time worrying about insufficient traffic if you take the popular route. So think carefully about this when selecting your niche. 

Expecting Quick Results

Quick can be defined as expecting result before its time. Like a good wine. You have to wait till it is mature enough to drink.

Rushing to get results will only make this worse. We are taught at Wealthy Affiliate that there is a proven process to be followed in order to get the results we seek. This takes time. The amount of time will vary based on the speed of ones own ability to absorb the information. Learn the skills and put them into action. We all learn at different rates. And that is OK as long as you do not beat yourself up if the process takes longer for you than others.

This is a classic case where it is so easy to waste time by rushing. Seems like an oxymoron. Right? Like rush hour traffic. It is impossible to rush in rush hour traffic. No matter how hard you try. 

The best way forward is to go through the training methodically and systematically so that the time you do spend in taking action is time well spent. If you do not understand what you are doing, more mistakes will be made and you will have to redo things again. This wastes time. 

So do not rush the process.

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