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Published on 7/16/2020 additional information available

Saying or Finding the Right Words.

#finding words

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all ok and feeling productive.

A short message from me today.

I am rarely lost for words but, I see here on Steemit that some folks are.

  • Where do i get ideas for blogs?

  • What will I write about?

  • What quite blogs will rank?

There are many places and ways in which we will find inspiration and concepts of what to blog about. Whatever your niche is, you'll find any number of blog subjects all around you in your daily, home, family, work life and your social media.

Workbased Ideas

My niche is additionally my full time job so while I'm working, ideas and thoughts pop into my head. If I encounter a drag that's work based it'll inevitably become a blog post on my website because I feel that if I want information on something then maybe my readers will appreciate equivalent information.

Conversations with my clients, again often cause to a blog idea.

So if your niche is additionally to try to together with your work you've got 100’s of blogs at your fingertips.

  • Client needs and requests
  • Conversations with clients and/or colleagues
  • Workbased problems and solutions
  • Work Tasks

Hobbies and Interests

A niche that's your passion like hobbies and your personal interests also offer many areas to seek out blog ideas. Conversations with compatible people that share your interest will presumably set your mind to brooding about blogs.

I get a monthly magazine that's to do with my passion of gardening, my first thought now when it arrives is “great, more blog ideas”. I really like it though if I even have beaten them to it and that I have already got published a post whose subject then appears within the magazine. This proves to me that I chose a topical subject.

Family and friends who encourage or chat about what you're doing.

Products that you simply personally use for your hobby, suddenly become a product review. Items that wish to use or source also bring an informative post.

  • Hobby Magazines
  • Products you employ
  • Products you would like to source
  • Discussion with family, friends and compatible people about your hobby
  • Advertisements and commercials

Further Inspiration

Google, find what others are asking about certain ideas you think that of. Other ideas come from all walks and areas of life. Just the opposite day, a discuss one among my published posts offered up another idea.

Question about your posts, if several readers are asking similar questions then clearly further information is required.

-Information requests

  • Topical
  • Seasonal/festival products or subjects
  • Questions

Social Media is additionally an excellent place to seek out inspiration, i buy tons of questions on Twitter and Facebook about issues based around my niche, ergo a blog post within the making or I should say within the writing.

Don’t be lost for words, inspiration, ideas and subjects are all around you.

Well this was meant to be a brief message but I got over excited, sorry.

Happy Writing

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