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Published on 7/27/2021 additional information available

Build Your Own Dreams now!

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Quote of the Day:

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Farah Gray

Meaning of the Quote:

Absolutely, if you don’t build your own dreams, you will be hired to build someone else’s dreams.

Discussion of the Quote:

If you are able to build your own dreams, you have to do so. You will have independence and freedom to do as you see fit. No one will have a thumb on you. Neither will they be able to dictate when you take a vacation, have lunch, the politics of the work environment among other things. You get to decide when and how much of a pay raise you get.

On the other hand, someone will hire you to build their dreams and you know the deal when it comes to working for someone else. You will work for forty hours a week or more for forty years of your life then you retire broke. If you are lucky, you may have a few weeks a year as vacation time. 

Moreover, with most jobs, you are building the dreams of others, you will never get the chance to become the CEO of the company. For most, a job means just over broke or jogging of bills. If that’s the way you want your life to be, then build someone else’s dreams and not your own. 

Final Thoughts:

I know that some people help others to build their dreams and they are compensated well for it and are quite happy doing so. But for the majority, you have to build your own dreams not build those of others. Why build others dreams when you have the opportunity to build your own dreams? 

More importantly, you will be able to have freedom and independence. You will be your own boss and no one will dictate what you can or can not so within your work environment. Realize your own dreams instead of helping others to realize theirs. Be an owner or an employer not an employee!

I appreciate your time, comments and likes.

To our success                                                                                                          

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