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Published on 4/20/2020 additional information available

The human experience is filled with love, passion, creativity, joy, connection, compassion, laughter

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Dear Iboer's greetings and I hope and pray all is well with you and your families during this corona.

Folks, I must say that so much has been postponed, closed or canceled. But not everything I must say.

Folks, love has not been postponed, closed or canceled. Hope has not been postponed, closed or canceled. Self-care has not been postponed, closed or canceled.

Right now folks is just the perfect time and an opportunity to invest. Invest  in the little things that matters the most.

The human experience is filled with love, passion, creativity, joy, connection, compassion, laughter and pretty much  the taste of cheese cake. See because we as human beings learn, evolve and grow through life’s ups and downs, our experience also includes plenty of difficult situations that surrounds us every day. 

The key right now is to not let life’s difficulties get the best part of you are.

Think about the most difficult situations you’ve endured in your past. Doing so likely brings up some very uncomfortable hurt. Traits like these might tend to  stir anxiety, anger or sadness. This is a predicament many of us face from time to time.

Folks imagine how you would feel if you were able to get over these feelings for good. By “get over” I mean no longer suffering over something that you don't have any  controlled over. I know this is possible because many people  I know have come to peace with extremely difficult, heartbreaking, uncontrollable situations.

So what's the secret sauce you may ask? There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer, but all of the possible answers start with...

Releasing your judgments.

The truth is, it’s impossible to get over a any such magnitude of difficult situation and to let it go. Folks if you’re still obsessively judging it and comparing it to something else then you will keep on hurting all over again. Let’s revisit one specific gut-wrenching situation from your past and choose one that still stirs negative emotions. 

And then ask yourself all of these below: 

  • Do you believe it should not have happened at all?
  • Do you believe the outcome should have been different?
  • Do you take what happened personally?
  • Do you blame someone else for what happened?
  • Do you blame yourself?
  • Do you believe the situation is impossible to get over?

If you caught yourself thinking “yes” to one or more of those questions, then what’s prolonging your suffering and preventing you from getting over it is judgment. Your bad judgments about what "should have happened" continues to postpone the love, hope, and self-care you know you are capable of practicing.

Folks, you may be thinking, “What happened was unbelievably horrible! I can’t see myself of ever getting over it!” But releasing your judgment does not mean you’re pleased with what happened, or that you support it, but rather folks, you are eliminating the negative burden you've been carrying for so long.

When you let go of your negative judgments, you automatically replace the victim mentality with acceptance and presence. With acceptance and presence together will free your mind and give you a new mindset so that will lead you to move on forward.

This very same principle applies to our present challenges with COVID-19, especially for those of us who are not ill.

When we think better about our circumstances, we live better in spite of them.

And there is no reason to postpone. Now is the time to practice showing love to others.
Hope my blog post brings you value, please like, share and comment. Thanks.

With a humble heart, 

Sharon Naraine. 

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