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Published on 4/20/2020 additional information available

Spiritual Condition Checklist

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Dear Iboer's I bring you greetings and hope all is well with you and your family during this corona. 

Folks, please do not be mad with me as I would like  for you to take a good look at our “Spiritual Condition Checklist”. The best part about all of this is, by examining oneself is the best way you are fit to walk each day safe and not only safe but under the covering of the Blood of Jesus.

The world is in an end time’s revolt against God, engulfing all of us in a Spiritual War on Steroids big time! The end times spiritual war of Revelations is about to unfold as we can see the plague infesting the entire planet Spiritual as well as physical war.

 There is a real war ragging and God is here for all who honestly seek and come to Him! Don’t be deceived by lying devils! Seek The Truth, read up on your Bible folks. I am talking to all those of my fellow Christians and please don't think I am imposing upon you!


It Is Time to take an inventory to our Spiritual condition. It's time to examine yourself and to make sure you are living your life In Jesus Christ!

We ought to make sure we are living our lives in Jesus and not just doing the Christian dance of simply "Believing"!

The world is changing very quickly folks and the forces of evil are gathering as well as gaining power. Everywhere you turn you can see evil rising in strength and the world adopting the ways of all the satanic doings. Folks the signs that are all around us and the world is evident. One simply needs to turn on the television or go to your favorite news site on the Internet and it's there waiting to blow our minds. 

Folks there is a huge spiritual war going on right now even as we speak. Without a huge revival everything is about to change with what's going on. We are about to be living in a different world with this corona. A much more evil world. Are you ready? Are you spiritually prepared? Folks we ought to develop the type of “Enduring Faith” that can help us spiritually during these perilous end times.

 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Matthew 24:13

Folks I truly believe that the end times are upon us right NOW. I truly admonish you to take some time to do a deep, soul searching. I encourage you to do a self examination of our personal relationship with Jesus. Yeshua! It's time for us to make sure we are a born again. We must know that we are saved and our sins are washed by the Blood of the Lamb. Folks we must know that God for bid, we exit out of this world that we know for sure we make it to Heaven.

We definitely don't want to be disqualified from God’s protection and love especially in the day during these days we are living in. 

It's time to get it right and make sure our families accepted the Lord. This is your Final Warning to “Examine Yourself”! It's time to get busy for the Lord's coming.

For the Word of God says in Galatians 5:21…that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Society has adopted many of the “Works of the Flesh” as OK or approved standards for living like it's a joke. Christians are commanded by God to hold themselves to a higher standard. We are asked to live a life by God’s rules of righteousness and by the principles He set before us.

If you are living a lifestyle that is outside the Ten Commandments or are a slave to any of the “Works of the Flesh”, found in Galatians chapter Five, folks take heed. 

This may be your “Final Warning”! Things are about to get really serious. A Spiritual War on Steroids is breaking out.

God loves all His children and His biggest desire is for each of us to  know Him as our personal Lord and Savior . 

If God is forced to pour out His judgment on this land then all hell will break loose. 

If you say you believe in Jesus, please believe these Words of God.

When someone is truly saved and infilled by the Holy Spirit then you are no longer a slave to any of the “Works of the Flesh”. At least not without suffering severe consequences. Folks, if the  guarantee of salvation is possible when one is engulfed in these types of sinful ways. We can be in serious danger of losing the covering and protection of God during these final days here on this earth. We don’t want to be one of the ten virgins that's left behind for the marriage Feast.

One simple reason why Jesus Christ had to be crucified, shed His Blood and die on that cross was because He knew none of us could achieve salvation on our own merits. None can be good enough on one’s own power. Only the power of the cross and the blood of Jesus's sacrifice are enough to give us the grace we need to repent of our sins and receive forgiveness and salvation.

Folks I pray you find value with my blog post today. Please like, share and give me your best comment. Thanks.

With a Humble Heart, 

Sharon Naraine

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