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Published on 4/7/2020 additional information available

Congratulations are in order of course, why not a little bit of celebration.

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Good evening my fellow Iboer's I bring you a corona free greetings to you and yours. I pray all is well.   

You have definitely done it. You have built up a little cushion in your bank account. Let's say hymmm it's  $1,000 and my golly it sure does feels good right?  Those days of checking your account balance in a panic are behind you.

Congratulations are in order of course, why not a little bit of celebration. You do the happy dance.  Folks, you’re on the right path for sure. Now it’s time to think about some long term goals. What do you want to accomplish next with your money? That's a million dollar question right?  Do you need to save more? Do you want to buy a home someday soon? Would you like to Invest?

What’s the next step you should take? What are some specific things you can do to take your finances up to the next level?

Folks here are some great  some ideas, check it out and see what you think:

1. Invest in Real Estate (Even if You’re Not A Millionaire)

The stock market can be a scary place. Stock prices shoot up and down like a roller coaster ride, and God knows when the whole thing might crash or not?

It would be nice to diversify and invest some of your money in real estate. Folks you don't have to be filthy rich like they say to do that.

Now you can invest like the 1% does, and all you need to get started is $500. A company called DiversyFund and they will invest your money in commercial real estate. More specifically, in apartment complexes that it owns and you only need $500.

Real estate can potentially earn you more money than the stock market right now and over the long haul. Over the long term, investing in the stock market will earn you an average annual return of 7%, adjusted for inflation, according to a number of studies. DiversyFund can’t guarantee how its investments will perform in the future as you know no one can do that but historically, it has earned an annual return of 17% to 18%.

So you don’t need a fortune to invest in real estate. All you need to get started is only $500.


2. Secure Up to $1 Million in Life Insurance; Rates Start at Just $5/Month

money management steps policygenius

Here's a good question just for you. Have you ever thought  how your family would manage without your income after you are gone? Chances are your checking account balance won’t last forever.

Now is the perfect time to start planning for the future by looking into a term life insurance policy for the future. 

You’re probably thinking: I don’t have the time or money for that. But your application can take minutes. Folks, if you’re approved, you could leave your family $1 million by spending a low monthly fee on term life insurance with a company called Bestow.

The peace of mind of knowing you will leave your family with  is now being taken care of and it's very priceless.

If you’re under the age of 54 and want to get a fast life insurance quote without a medical exam or even getting up from the couch, then just get a free quote from Bestow.

3. Ask This Website to Help You Pay Your Credit Card Bill This Month

You’ve finally got some money in the bank, but do you still have some lingering debt? We found a company that will pay your credit card bill this at least some. It worth give it a try. What you got to loose?

Your credit card is getting rich by ripping you off with insane rates, but a website called Fiona will want to help you.

If you owe your credit card companies $100,000 or less, Fiona will match you with a low-interest loan you can use to pay off every single one of your balances.

The benefit? You’ll be left with one bill to pay at each month. Now because personal loans have lower interest rates, you’ll get out of debt that much faster. Plus: No credit card payment this month.

Fiona won’t make you stand in line or call your bank, either. And if you’re worried you won’t qualify, it’s free to check it on line.  It takes just two minutes, and it could help you pay off your debt years faster.

4. See if You Can Get Extra Cash From This Company 

a woman logs into her bank account on her cell phone.

Here’s the deal: If you’re not using Aspiration’s debit card, you’re missing out on extra money. And who doesn’t want some free money? 

 A debit card called Aspiration gives you up to a 5% kickback every time you swipe.

Need to buy groceries? Get cashback.

Need to fill up the tank? You get money back. 

You were going to buy these things anyways so  why not get extra money in the doing so?

It takes just five minutes to  sign up for a new debit card and see how much extra money you could earn with the Aspiration Spend and Save account.

5. Download This App to Get Up to $500 in Free Stock

If you feel like you don’t have enough money to start investing, you’re not alone. But guess what? You really don’t need that much — and you can even get free stocks (worth up to $500!) if you know where to look.

Whether you’ve got $5, $100 or $800 to spare, you can start investing with . Robinhood.

Yeah, you’ve probably heard of Robinhood. Both investing beginners and pros love it because it doesn’t charge commission fees, and you can buy and sell stocks for free with no limits plus, it’s super easy to use folks.

What’s best? When you download the app and fund your account (it takes no more than a few minutes).

Robinhood drops a share of free stock into your account. It’s random, though, so that stock could be worth anywhere from $5 to $500, a nice boost to help you build your investments.

 Folks I do hope you find value with my blog post today, thanks for your likes, shares and comments. 

With a humble heart, 

Sharon Naraine

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