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Published on 8/16/2016 additional information available

The Butcher and the Flame

#Serial killer
# madman
# detective
# Delphi
# programming
# adventure

The Butcher and the Flame

Now available in printed and ebook formats

As a Private Investigator, Jim Lyon has a penchant for finding trouble. He does not need to look for troubleMore often than not, his troubles result from trying to help his friends. In this case, he found more trouble than any man should have to face. He finds himself matching wits with a serial killer called The Butcher.

Initially, Jim was not too concerned about The Butcher; he was willing to leave that matter to the police and other detectives, until The Butcher attacked one of his friends. That made the killer’s actions a personal declaration of war.

An amateur programmer, the detective develops a computer program that allows shim to predict probable dates when the killer will strike again. Soon, The Butcher realizes he has a worthy opponent and the matching of wits takes on a more threatening aspect as he accepts the challenge. However, the killer raises the stakes in the game by targeting all of Jim’s friends.

Three of his friends, Meg, Susan, and Flame are attacked by the madman, who appears to have some supernatural abilities. They each fight for survival in their own style as The Butcher works to rob Jim of his friends.

In his investigation, the detective is forced to use his wits, weapons, and wiles to protect everyone from a madman who grows bolder with each murder. While Jim has the ability predict when the madman will strike, he must figure out how he travels through the city without being seen and how he so easily escapes capture.

This story is based on an actual Delphi rewrite of a program I developed to predict activities of BTK in Wichita, KS and was validated with Jack the Ripper and the Boston Strangler.

This book is available in printed or a wide variety of ebook formats

(Available formats:  epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt, html)

Available at:

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I offer a 15% affiliate commission on this and other books through Smashwords (Follow the Smashwords link above and click the ‘AFFILIATES’ link at the bottom of the page, then follow the instructions to add the link to your website.)

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