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Published on 8/17/2016 additional information available

In Defiance of Death

# witchcraft
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In Defiance of Death

The Second Book of the Witch Hunter Series

Now available in printed and ebook formats

Having been killed by Jack Mitchell and Jim Lyon destroyed and with her covens in disarray, Master Witch Laurie Nevins revived in the body of a fifteen-year old girl named Mary Beth Bonney. Driven on by the desire for revenge against the two men, her ultimate goal of opening the portal between worlds of man and demon becomes even more important. She finds she must start a new life and begin the creation of new covens to do her bidding.

As she grows into her teen-aged body and developed her skills, Laurie forms an unlikely partnership with another Master Witch, Yvette DuBois, who also shares an unpleasant history with Jack Mitchell, known by many in her circle as The Witch Hunter.

While training her covens, the young witch discovers that one of her initiates has lycanthropic tendencies; she is a werewolf. Laurie wastes no time developing this monstrous beast to become her bodyguard and ‘enforcer’. Protected and aided by the gigantic beast, the young witch begins her revenge against Jack Mitchell and his wife by kidnapping their daughter for use as a sacrifice to open the portal.

However, Mary Beth discovers that some undesirable ‘human’ emotions crossed over into her with her new body. She finds that she develops strong feelings for a young man. These new emotions confuse the witch as she drives her inhuman desires against internal human emotions.

Faced with insufferable loss, Jack and his wife, Denise team up with the Private Investigator, Jim Lyon and Flame Vasquez to save his daughter before the witches can sacrifice her and destroy the fabric separating the worlds of humans and the demonic.

Responding to Jack’s plea for help, Jim and Flame reunite months after their battle against the serial killer in the Wichita storm drains. Most of their experience is with the darker side of humanity and not with the supernatural, the existence of which Jim vehemently denies.


This book is available in printed or a wide variety of ebook formats

(Available formats:  epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt, html)

Available at:

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