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Published on 8/16/2016 additional information available

Breakdown - The Second Book of the Mabus Chronicles

# Nostradamus
# Apocalypse
# Survival. World War
# depopulation
# Science fiction


The Second Book of the Mabus Chronicles

Now available in printed and ebook formats

This is as much a Survival guide as it is a apocalyptic Science Fiction adventure story. Many of the concepts presented in the “Survival” books are utilized here in a fictional presentation.

This is the epic second book of the Mabus Chronicles. With complacent political and judicial leadership and a subservient media acting as tools of the rich and powerful, there are no controls on the man who would be a dictator.

Mabus is a man who clearly demonstrated his deep-rooted hatred for the American people and all things American. Over the course of his ill-gotten Presidency, which in actuality has become a dictatorship, he perfects and executes his insane plan to depopulate the United States. After he disembowels the military, forcing hundreds of seasoned military leaders out of service for honoring their oath to the country and Constitution over him, he has no one who can stop him.

As 'the most powerful man in the world', Mabus uses everything at his disposal to devastate and depopulate America. Mabus unleashes his arsenal of chemical, biological, and nuclear devastation on the people and country he had falsely taken an oath to defend. Using ‘secret’ alien technology, he wages war on the American people.

The story follows the adventures of groups of survivors as they try to survive in a world torn apart by a mad man. These survivors demonstrate survival skills and a strong sense of American pride. Their goal is to survive Mabus and to help salvage the world from the destruction he plans for all people.

This book is available in printed or a wide variety of ebook formats

(Available formats:  epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt, html)

Available at:

Kindle -  

Paperback -

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Other ebook formats (Smashwords) -


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